News from Nepal —

Last week we got a letter from Eldest Son.
  (This gave me a start!)

So momma


I just wrote you but i need to tell you something.


I decided to marry a Nepali girl.


Don’t worry she speaks english well and she’s really nice.


It’s going to expensive but worth it.






Ok i’m totally just kidding.


What I wanted to tell you is that i decided to come home for the summer instead of the Send House. So I’ll be around. I decided that this was the direction i should take . . . I had every intention to say yes to (this invitation) and i was planning on it for the past 3 weeks in gorkha but when i sat down this morning and wrote that i was coming i couldn’t send the email. So i saved it, talked to my leaders about it and finally decided that i should come home.


And i’m totally just kidding about marrying a nepali.


Don’t worry. Love you momma.    Raph


As you can imagine, there is great rejoicing at Shady Acres!  We advised Raph to be obedient to the Call of God upon his life, and if that was to serve on staff at Summer Challenge, we wanted him to do that.  But we are so delighted at the prospect of having him home! 


Lord willing, he flies for home in just 18 days!


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  1. What a great day to anticipate and plan for!  He is a funny guy to send that first message! 

  2. I think Raph took “Creative Writing 101” from his Momma!

  3. I actually believed him at first! We will be glad to see Ralph around again this summer too. So glad for you.

  4. Actually, it’s not always bad when they find their spouse in the country in which they serve. I clearly remember the phone call from Sweden when our daughter Miki told us that she and Krister, the YES team’s interpreter, both felt sure that God was calling them together. I had all kinds of questions and qualms. But in a short time we could clearly see the hand of God in it, and fifteen years later, we still see the hand of God in it. Both of your boys home for the summer! You’ll have a full house again, Momma.

  5. Oh rejoice,rejoice! You’ll have your boys home! Raph must have your sense of humor and your gift for writing. The 18 days will pass quickly! I am happy for you.

  6. We have been wondering what Raph decided (I just asked Alma this week if she knew)!   Sooo glad he will be home!  We sure have missed him at church…  He is such a special guy and I know your mother-heart is glad as can be about now! 

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