A Birthday Party!!!

There are two little guys who are precious to us in so many ways.  They both have birthdays coming up, and their Daddy and Mommy decided to have their birthday party together and have everyone come. What a hoot!

There were party hats–

aaa my kids

Some wore them and some didn’t.  Okay, so maybe some people are more vain than others!
(One of the vain ones cropped her own picture out of this group.  And yes, she was wearing a party hat!  But there were other “considerations”). 


aaa Daniel and his party hat

And then there were people there who didn’t even know how to wear party hats!!!  Some people just can’t help it!

Birthday Day Boy Number One planned the menu:

aaa birthday boy 1

“I want Brats.  And root beer in a bottle.  Iittle tiny cupcakes with sprinkles.  Macaroni and cheese!”
He got it all.  “Next year,” says Mommy, “(Birthday Boy Number Two) gets to plan the menu!

aaa birthday boy 2

What fun to open the presents.  It was almost like Christmas.  How nice that there are so many people who love these little boys.  How special that their Daddy and Mommy allow us in their lives!

aaa The builder and the inspector

The plumbing inspector and the builder try their hands at putting together a shopping cart.
It was together before we knew it!

aaa good conversation

What a nice surprise!  Grandma Ruby came with Grandpa Nelson from Virginia.

aaa my girls

And Auntie Chris and Rachel were there — as well as about twenty others.  It was quite a party!

aaa the boys 

Little cupcakes with sprinkles on them!  How Exciting!

aaa the boys and daddy

Birthday Boy Number Two gets some instruction from Daddy —

aaa mommy helps

And then help from Mommy. Such a sweet, sweet family.

Precious, precious days.
What wonderful memories for them, for us. 
I thank God for these little guys and how they have blessed our lives. 

Happy Birthday Carson! 

Happy Birthday Nevin!



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  1. Such cutie-pies. (The little boys, that is! lol!)  Enjoyed the pictures.

  2. Anonymous

    What a sweet party!

  3. Looks like a nice party! Very creative hat wearing goin’ on there.

  4. Looks like fun! I like Certain Man’s party hat the best!

  5. i am so glad you could be there to make it a special day for those precious boys.  you are a treasure to my heart, sis.

  6. RYC:  Thanks for the reminder that my readers are wondering about the Monarch process.  I added a postscript to my entry.

  7. Hi Aunt Mary!
    7401 Park DR
    Houghton, NY 14744
    Have a great day!

  8. Hey mom…is there any chance of you putting that message on in form of a comment?? I’d do it myself but this way it would show up as your comment…i think it would be good. If you don’t want to that’s fine…thanx tho…it made me happy. =)

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