Church Retreat, 2007

We, the people of Laws Mennonite Church, have just finished our annual church retreat.  Pictures cannot begin to capture the fun, fun time of the weekend, but I still want to share some with you.  These are some of the faces:

A  Jonathan and Althea 1

Jonathan and Althea blessed us with their presence overnight on Friday night
Jonathan shared in “Family worship” on Saturday Morning before they went on to visit relatives.


  A  April       A  Abby 

What a variety of people join us for Church Retreat! 
If we were a large church, it could be highly inconvenient!
The way it is, it lends a great flavor to our time together.


  A  Beka  A  Chevie 

There are things to laugh about, things to amuse . . .


A  JR Gary and Jonathan

Discussions to have, problems to solve . . .


 A  Cameron and Jessica 2

Hugs to be given and gotten, children to hold and feed..


A  Christina

“NO, she’s NOT!!!”


A  Emma

Blowing up balloons can be daunting when you are so small.


A  Shirley, Jean and Loretta 

It is great to have some time to talk and connect!


A  Beloved Son in Law

Our Beloved Son in law


A  Daniel Hughes at the crafts table

Church Retreat can sure tucker a guy out!


A  Nikki

It can make otherwise fairly sane people lose perspective.  You go, Girl!


A  Pizza time 2

Of course we had lots of food!  Ever since I can remember, the menu for Saturday night has been

(Hooray for Sam’s Club!)


A  Relays

It can be scary when you don’t know what the next relay is going to be!


A  Stomp the balloon

The “balloon stomp” was a big hit.  Literally!  Some people came away with bruises.


A  Stomp the balloon 1

Two of the last four contestants.


A  The Wheels parade

The Wheels Parade is always a big hit.  Here the family of His Help meet prepare for the event.  (Can you believe that Mrs Mast had her seventh baby just a few weeks ago.  I think she looks great!


A  Ugly Shirt Ugly Hat contestants

We had a splendid talent show.  (This wasn’t it!) There were wonderful crafts.  We had a softball game and a soccer game.  The Youth Girls organized some challenging relays and exciting skits that caused us to laugh.  On the last day, we had an ugly shirt/ugly hat contest and that motley crew up there is sum total of the brave participants.


A  Emily's ugly shirt

A little girl and her ugly shirt.


A  Announcing the winners

Announcing the winners.


A  Dale Hangs

“Hang that fellow with that ugly shirt.  And be quick about it.  We need that rope for the pinata!!!

A  Pinata time

Turn around three times, Ethan, and wallop that red chili pepper for all you’re worth!

 We had three pinatas — a frog, a red chili pepper and a soccer ball.  Each took an exorbitant amount of energy to break, and each made an exorbitant mess on the floor. But finally, it was all cleaned up, the floors were swept and scrubbed, and the chairs and tables put away. The families gathered themselves and their belongings and headed home. Certain Man took his faithful truck and trailer and Cameron and her loot and went home.  The camp caretaker came over and we were able to figure up the bill, do a walk-through to make sure everything was in order, and then I collected Blind Linda and went home, too.

Another Church Retreat is History! 

(It’s all over but the laundry!  E-w-w-w-w-w-w-w!) 


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  1. Looks like fun!! I so enjoyed the pictures !  Lots of familiar faces. I especially enjoyed seeing my favorite Aunt!!

  2. looks like a fun, happy time~

  3. What fun this must have been. How far from your home was this held? I so very much enjoy times when all ages are together don’t you?

  4. Really now!  sneaking up behind me and taking my picture!  🙂  I had my camera but didn’t take any, except for Sarah learning to ride her bike.  So I enjoyed seeing these. You all did a great job planning!

  5. love seein what other churches do to bond and be family. 
    you did forget to document with picture that laundry pile  😉

  6. thanks for sharing pictures!  its so great to “catch up” with what is going on. 

  7. today i opened the “red cookbook” and thought of you as i made “shipwreck”. zach had a hoot pretending the potatoes were ships in the wreckage of beef and he was the whale eating it all up.

  8. Great pictures. Makes me feel like I was right there having fun too. I just love our church retreats.

  9. Good Morning! Just passing through to check in and leave my “hello”.

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