As some of you know, Middle Daughter has been in the process of moving for several months.  She and one of her cousins planning to live together in the little lakeside house that I showed you earlier.  On Saturday night, Beebs and Holly invited their families to supper.  What a wonderful time, indeed!

B  Supper 1

On one side of the table, Middle Daughter, Beloved Son in Law, Eldest Daughter, Polly the Patchworker, and her husband, my youngest brother, Mark.  At the end, though you cannot see him, is their son, Jeremy.

B  Supper Max

Baby Max was in the mix somewhere, too!

B  Supper 2

At the other side of the table was Jeremy’s lovely wife, Cheryl, Friend John, Polly and Mark’s son, Timmy, Holly, and Youngest Daughter, Rach.

B  Supper Mama

My Sweet Mama was there.  Isn’t she wonderful???


Holly and Deborah are both bookworms.  This little house has some things that it has never had before:

B  Supper  living room

Look at those beautiful hardwood floors!


Maxie had his usual fan club!

B  Supper  Rachel and Max


B  Supper Max and his fan club

B  Supper Great Gandma and Max

What a precious time together!  The food was great!  The house was comfy and inviting.  And the fellowship was so warm and full of love and laughter. 

How very much it makes me think of our Daddy . . . 
He would have loved being at Deborah’s house and having supper with us all.  
I suppose that we will always miss him on these special nights. 
Once again, tonight, I choose to think about him safely Home, across the River. 
The house is comfy and inviting and full of Light. 
The fellowship is full of love and laughter. 
And Jesus is there. 
What more could a man want? 
What more could we want for him? 




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  1. I am happy that those girls are having fun with a place of their own…thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. hey sis.  thanks for the pictures.  the house is beautiful!  and would you consider printing off that song for me?  i would love to have it.  thanks.

  3. I’m smiling as I relive that special evening.  I really felt bad about how we left all the dishes for later and then Holly said that you, mom and Deb did them all up.  Shame on me.  It’s not how my mother raised me at all.    You have a good night and know that God loves you and so do I!!!

  4. Looks like a lovely evening! The house is sweet, I love all those books also.

  5. looks like everyone had fun!! I hope those two make many happy memories in their little abode!!

  6. ryc: shame on you LOL
    also the cake was a mix so no excuse for  it doing so poorly

  7. what a sweet time, and sweet thoughts of your daddy~

  8. Don’t you love it when your children feed you for a change?? Looks like a fun evening.

  9. oh yes we have been introduced to Hank the Cowdog.   The boys read quite a few of his books and really enjoyed them, then I got several of the books on tape. After I heard the stories myself, I slowed down the reading of those books. They still read them occasionally but some of the language in the books I found distasteful.   But other then that he was hilarious!

  10. RYC:   LOL “enuf sed” is right  You refreshed my memory to have me laughing to myself enough to bring tears to my eyes!!  Goodnight!

  11. What a special evening! I am sure that this was a highlight in the hostesses’ lives, too!

  12. looks like fun!  the house is beautiful!

  13. I hope someone took a picture of you and certain man for the scrapbook of memories. It sounds like a delightful time–I don’t think I was so brave when I started out housekeeping–I cried the first time my in-laws came to visit and I had to plan meals. I still struggle with meal planning at times.

  14. I am so glad to get to see the inside of the house the girl’s are renting!  I’d like to buy it!  Last night my husband commented that if we were to build a new house he would be sure to have wood floors!
    How sweet of the girls to want to entertain their families!

  15. RYC: go to my site comments.

  16. Lovely memories and times….
    as well as good company I am sure

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