The news at Shady Acres is that this old lady (ME!) had to have a molar pulled yesterday.  I feel like I am dragging myself around very miserably, but I need to shake it off, because I need to take Our Girl Nettie for a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. . .

In other news, Shady Acres had over an inch and a quarter of RAIN last night.  Today is muggy and cloudy.  I love it.  More Rain is in the forcast for the afternoon and evening.

In some old news, Certain Man and I had some company on Sunday night to play some games and eat some food and enjoy some fellowship.  We enjoyed the evening immensely!  There were people we missed, but it was still a nice little gathering of friends.

B  Sunday Night  Donna and Amy

Donna and Amy came without Dale.  He was “meetinged out” from being so popular over the last few days.

B  Sunday Night Dave

Dave was pondering something extra important, I guess.
He didn’t look quite so sober when he was playing “Greedy”

B  Sunday Night Robert

Robert listens in on a conversation.
His words are often few and far between.

B  Sunday Night Loretta

And my friend,
She may be pondering the injustices of
having to keep score for the Quiddler game
and not winning.
Never mind, Loretta, Dear.
We know that you could beat us all hollow if the cards were right!


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5 responses to “

  1. Looks some mighty serious playin’ going on!

  2. btw: I hope you recover okay from the dental work.

  3. I’ve never played Quiddler, but I love word games and think it would be fun!

  4. There’s never a dull minute at your house.  I often think how “Shady Acres” is a place where people love to come to.  I’m praying God will bless you extra much for blessing so many others.  Will we see you tomorrow at Elvida’s?

  5. You had a molar pulled?!  and you didn’t even mention it yesterday….  My goodness.    I agree with Polly  –  your home is a haven to so many.  And yes, Loretta could beat us all hollow, except maybe Dad.  We should get them to play Quiddler together!

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