Guess what!

I am broken!

Last night, after my small group company went home and I had gotten Blind Linda to bed, I told Certain Man that I was going to go in and have things checked out.  I wanted him to go to bed — I wanted to go alone because I really can sleep on those stretchers if no one is hovering about fussing about having to wait so long.  He thought he should go, too, but I reminded him that it really wasn’t in his best interest or mine.  This hospital is notorious for making people wait.

I got in there at 11:00 — and came home at 4:30 with a half cast/splint and orders to see my orthopedic guy today if at all possible.  The emergency room doctor is puzzled by “some things he saw . . .”  and wants it all checked out.  I know there are old fractures on that foot and a ridiculous amount of arthritis in a band around the arch – and now a broken metatarsal bone.  I am not unduly worried that there is something earth-shaking.

Would you all pray for me about something?  I am signed up for the Women of Faith Seminar in Philadelphia tomorrow and Saturday.  I’ve been so excited to be going for my very first time with some of my bestest friends  — including my Eldest Daughter and two of my cousins and two friends from church– and I really want to be able to go.  Navigating on crutches is difficult because the knee I wrenched is on the other leg, and it isn’t bearing weight very well.  I am not having alot of pain, for which I am grateful, but I want to be wise in what I choose to do.

And once again, I am so glad that it wasn’t worse.  It really could have been.


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  1. oh you poor man what bad timing (inour eyes a least)  praying for you

  2. oh dear, saying a prayer for you…I so hope you can go and enjoy your time~

  3. My prayers are being sent for a good report, Dear BEG!  I do hope you are not in too much pain.  Is it your left foot so you can still drive?

  4. I hope you will be able to go.  Will be praying for you.  Tell Loretta “Hi” for me, or give her a hug.  You probably both need it.  Love you.

  5. Oh my! I am so sorry to hear and will be praying that you can attend the event and feel good on your feet! ~Erica

  6. So sorry to hear about all your troubles!! I’ll be praying..

  7. Oh dear! Really and truly broken.   So sorry to hear it!!

  8. will be praying for you, I feel for ya….
    Take care

  9. I tried to comment on your CMW story this morning, but xanga was having issues and it wouldn’t let me post my comment!  I was hoping for such a post, and you did not disappoint!  I am so sorry you are now broke to top off your long list of calamitous (is that a word?  It is now) issues of the past week!  Could you go to your conference in a wheelchair?  At least for the lengthy “walking” parts?  I hope you can go!  And again, we missed your presence yesterday.  Next time, we shall have to wrap you in cotton wool to be sure you are well preserved for the festivities! =)

  10. I actually moaned out loud when I read your last two post. 
    I also moaned out loud when I read a letter from my mother yesterday.  Mother and Sheila got into a yellowjacket nest.  They said they couldn’t get into the house fast enough and clothes were flying off of them as they came in.  I’m anxious to hear fathers version of the story.  A couple followed them in and promply stung father.  I think the last count was mother had 15 or 16 stings, Sheila had 6 or 7 and father had 4.       

  11. Go to Women of Faith in a wheelchair. You’ll get the best seats in the house and preferential treatment all around. I really hope you don’t have to miss it!

  12. Oh, dear! I’ll be praying for you and your troubles!

  13. RYC on kitchen curtains.  I thought the no curtain at all would be more Amish than colorful tea towels, but I am not being a purist in any style.  LOL  But I just might try your truly Amish curtain. 
    Keep us posted about your foot injury.

  14. I will be there too!!  I went several years ago with my daughters…this time I am going with 3 friends from church-one you know quite well and are probably instrumental in her having an interest in such events in the first place! Can you guess who?  Hopefully we will see you…and lend aid if needed:).  We REALLY missed you yesterday and I feel so bad you were headed here when your accident happened!! I sure hope you heal fast!!! Love ya!

  15. Well if you need to stop on your way up or back I am here in Bear! Come on bay if you need a rest stop.Praying for you!-Judi

  16. Hope you are having a great time at WOF. I, too, will be praying for your speedy recovery.

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