Our Girl Nettie is a combination of many delightful things.  For one thing, she loves Indian vases.  Several months ago, she misunderstood my friend from www.xanga.com/libreriaelfaro  when she gave her some fresh flowers after church to bring home.  Nettie thought that the gift was the vase.  The gift was the flowers, and the vase was one which had much nostalgic value for LEF. 

 Audrey's Vase

What a mess we were in for a while until one day, I saw on Sweet Dominie’s (www.xanga.com/dominie) site something that made me think that just maybe, she could find an acceptable replacement for the vase that was causing all the trouble.

So I messaged her, sent her the picture of “Nettie’s vase” and asked her if she would consider keeping her eyes open for something that could replace this vase in Nettie’s affection.

What a wise and understanding friend is Sweet Dominie.  She went straight away to the task, and started keeping her eyes open at many different stores.  There came a day when she took picures of some of the vases, and sent them to us for Nettie to look at and choose.  The minute Nettie saw the one with the bird on it, she was settled. 

 “I like that one!” she said in her determined way.  I liked it very much, too, but encouraged her to look at the others that Dominie had photographed.  “They’re pretty,” she would agree, “But I like the one with the bird better.”

So Sweet Domine packaged the vase up and shipped it out.  Today, Certain Man got the mail, and brought in the package. 

“What in the world is this all about?” he questioned with his puzzled look.  “We don’t even know this person!” 

 AA the package

“Oh, yes, we do!” I caroled happily.  “That is Nettie’s vase from my friend in Arizona!”  He looked at me expectantly.

“I’m going to let Nettie open it,” I told him.  “I think she would enjoy that very much.”

So when she got home, I said, “Nettie. Come here.  What do you think came in the mail today?”  She came over to the counter where I was helping Eldest Daughter with some Pizza sauce.

“I ‘on’t know,” she said in her typical fashion.  “What?”

I pulled the box over in front of her.  “What do you think this is?”

Her face broke into the biggest grin.  “Is that my vase?  I bet it’s my vase!”

“I believe it is.  Do you want to open it?”  Did she ever!!!   She got right into the box, and started unpacking.

“They really packed this good!” she grunted.

“I know,” I said.  “Dominie had the people pack it for her.  She didn’t want it to get broken!’

With much tugging and pulling, she finally got it unwrapped.

Oh, Joy!  Oh, Delight!  It was exactly like the picture she had seen! 

She was so pleased.  She even wanted me to take the flowers out of the other vase (It went home tonight, to my great relief!) and put them into her new one and take a picture of them.  So here is that finished result:

AA Audrey's Vase

So, Sweet Dominie, Thank you from both of us!  It is a beautiful vase, and Nettie is so pleased with it.
Blessings to you, and I will get a check in the mail tomorrow!


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  1. Mary Ann I am so warmed by this precious post!  I’m warmed by a dear sister-in-law who sees the heart of dear Audrey.  I’m warmed by Sweet Dominie from way far away who came to your rescue.   I wondered about the post on her site of the vases but didn’t take the time to find out what it was all about.  Blessings to you Mary and blessings to Sweet Dominie.

  2. My heart is also warmed by this post. How amazing this land of blogging is, to meet a need across the country like that! Tell Audrey girl that I’m glad to have finally seen a picture of her and that I think she looks very beautiful and stylish!

  3. What a great thing it is~to have friends who we haven’t even met face to face come through to help in times of need! Domine, you are a good friend, indeed! BEG, Audrey has no idea how blessed she is to have you as a caretaker!

  4. This is a great story! I appreciate our little cyber-circle of friends we have met in the land of Xanga! Both vases are very nice and I am so pleased Audrey is happy with her very own vase.Evidently CM is like my RL and remains amused and somewhat puzzled by the close relationships Xanga has allowed us to have. Nice post BEG.

  5. Oh, BEG!  I am so relieved that the vase arrived and that it still meets with Audrey’s approval.  It was so different from your friend’s that I was worried!  Thank you, for posting the whole process of the opening and even of the filling of the vase.  You are a dear to let me know so quickly that all went well.  And to put a face to the name Audrey was especially nice.  I am glad she allowed you to take her picture.  (Our disabled son is often like Audrey in that he doesn’t always like to have his picture taken either.)  Tell Audrey she will always have a friend in AZ, and that I am so happy she chose that vase.  When I bought it with her in mind, I was hoping she would choose it, since it was my favorite, too.  I am glad it is in the hands of someone who likes it.

  6. How nice to have friends like that in far away  places !  I am so glad she could help you out.  Thanks for sharing this special post.

  7. Hello , How you have a great week now. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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