AA The cast

I’m having a problem with this bad boy!

Everytime I prop it up, something happens to bring it down!

So I asked my good doctor if I really needed to keep it up all the time —

And he said it was fine for me to walk on it!

(“No Boston Marathons, Mary Ann, but it won’t hurt it for you to walk on it!”

So this is good news indeed. 

I think that there are some built in constraints —
like pain and swelling —
that will help me be a little conservative in what I try to do,
but I am reassured by the knowlege that walking on it will not keep it from healing!

I think I shall go iron some curtains!
  Eldest Son is getting special company this week,
so there are things I am itching to do!


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  1. oh, dear, afraid I’d be itchin’ to do some things too…

  2. One good thing is you have more time to tell us about your day. I was on the computer a lot when I sprained my knee a couple of years ago and ended up getting closer to friends.When I was in the hospital with Aaron together we had to think of 10 blessings a day. It really helps.

  3. Good news but still wise to take it easy isn’t it? Special company mmmm?

  4. That is some cast!!!  It looks like you would have to drag that along as you walk.  Do take care.  Company will understand if the curtains are not ironed. 

  5. “ouch” for you. May the healing be uncomplicated. mw

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