We’ve all been eagerly looking forward to this weekend — Eldest Son espcially.

Maybe that made him careless.  I’m sure he wasn’t thinking straight.  Anyhow, he stepped off a tub that he was standing on to tile around a bathtub, caught his toe just wrong, and down he came on top of his foot to the sounds of much crunching and cracking.  (Does any of this sound familiar???)  By his own account, he lay on the bathroom floor for ten minutes, hoping for sudden miracles.  But he realized that there was something pretty much wrong, so decided he had better seek assistance.

So, I was on my way home from an appointment with my good Chiropractor, and Eldest Son called me to tell me of his dilemma.  There was pain and much sadness in his voice.  I advised ice and knew that he needed to have it checked out.

I tried to get an appointment with the orthopedist, and they insisted that they could not possibly see him until Monday.  While I was begging them, Certain Man was beeping into my conversation.  He finally prevailed to tell me that he had an appointment for Eldest Son at the same orthopedic practice for 1:30 today and that Eldest Son was resisting.  I said “Don’t worry, Sweetheart!  He will go.  I will see to it that he goes!”

I really thought that it was broken.  It was huge and crooked and very, very painful.  I drove him to Dover to the Office of the orthopedic surgeon.  He didn’t really want me to go back with him to have it examined, so I went forth to the Kohl’s store and bought me a new purse.  (Did you note that, Eldest Daughter.  I bought a PURSE!!!)

When I was checking out, the phone rang.  It was Eldest Son.  “I’m done, Momma.  You can come get me.”

“You’re done?  Is it broken?”

“Nope, just badly sprained.”

“Do you have a cast?’


“A brace?  Something???”

“Nope.  Nothing.  When he found out I didn’t have insurance, he told me to go to Wal-mart and get a lace up ankle brace.  He told me to take three Aleve twice a day for pain.  That’s it.”

And so I scrambled over to the doctor’s office, picked him up, went to Wal-mart for the brace and there were none, so we went into the hospital supply store and found the very thing he needed and then we came on home. 

This is a glad day at Shady Acres in spite of the mishaps of the past few weeks.  Tonight, The Girl With the Beautiful Heart is coming home for the weekend and called to say that she will spend some time with us even though Youngest Son is far away.

A -- Lem and Jessica
Lem and Jessica

And then, Lord Willing, later this evening, the gal that has made inroads into Eldest Son’s heart will also be here.  We are eagerly anticipating that arrival as well.

R and R 8
Regina and Raph


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  1. Thinking of you this weekend!! I think us moms are a whole heap more nervous at these lil “get to know the new friend” events than we ever let on:))) Have fun ~ cuz it is!!! Love ya!

  2. Maybe your family should stay in nice, comfortable chairs for the weekend!  πŸ™‚

  3. I am glad Raph was not injured more, this is bad  enough isn’t it? Mother and son both limping around is not a good thing.
     It is very exciting ‘getting to know a new friend’ isn’t it? I hope you have a grand time!

  4. Such lovely couples!! Sounds like a fun evening. I miss those days. So sorry about Raph’s mishap. A couple of years ago our Ray got the worst ankle sprain I have ever seen while playing basketball. His lower leg became huge and turned almost black up to his knee. At the time he also was uninsured and we always felt that he got very minimal care because of that. For almost two years his lower leg was swollen and the skin extremely discolored, even though there was no pain. (There obviously had been a good bit of internal bleeding.) I looked at it when we were down to see him a few weeks ago and was amazed to see that it looks almost the same as his other leg now. In this case, time was a healer. Thank you, Lord.I hope both of you heal up quick and snappy!

  5. Oh, my goodness!  I was preparing myself to read that you and your son both were in casts.  I am sure you all are glad it was not broken, but let me tell you I was told after a bad sprain that they can take even longer than a break to heal.  So make him watch his P’s and Q’s.
    I am excited for you in meeting Raph’s new girl and see Lem’s speacial girl again.  Have a great time!

  6. Like mother, like son….=)….glad it wasn’t any worse, and happy with you all on the excitement in the air!!

  7. Wow!  Are ya’ll having some kind of competition over there?

  8. Yikes! It must be contagious! Think I’ll stay away! Great pics by the way! Hope your weekend is wonderful.

  9. sounds like all of you are falling…
    in love    πŸ˜‰   Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Oh, MaryAnn, such  goings ons around your house!  I do hope Raph’s foot repairs in good time and that it’s not too painful to enjoy his time with his girl this weekend.   I was watching Lem and Jess’s pictures as it loaded and loved the way it paused with just their curly mops and beautiful eyes showing.   Love YOU and have a great weekend!

  11. Question: What is Regina’s middle name? I had a very dear sweet aunt named Regina Elizabeth and always loved the name Regina so much.
    Have a great weekend, it is beautiful here today so hope your weather is the same.

  12. May your family have a really good weekend ….. free from falls, trips, or any other type of injuring activity.

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