Well, if you want to know how bad
that sprain was on Eldest Son’s foot —
Here is proof

(in some rather graphic pictures)
Youngest Son, these are mostly for you. 
(We wouldn’t want you to miss out on the dramatics )

Z foot 1

You certainly can tell exactly where that good “lace-up brace” was!!!

Z foot 2

The good news is that he is walking on it pretty well!

Z foot 3

Even went to work today and worked all day . . .

Z foot 4

. . . And wisely drew the line at playing softball tonight with his team.
(Good thinking, Son!)

 For those of you who have been wondering —

The weekend was wonderful. 

Z girl  2

Girl With a Beautiful Heart was here,
and it was hard to see her go.
(Youngest Son, this is also for you!)

And the Gal who has made inroads into Eldest Son’s heart . . .

Raph and Regina


Began making inroads into ours as well!

Regina Sue

Regina Sue, we are so glad to have met you!




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12 responses to “

  1. OI! That foot!     Glad you had a good weekend.

  2. Yikes! How can he possibly walk on that foot? It looks so painful.
    Regina Sue is such a pretty name.

  3. ouch on the foot!  Fred had sprained his calf this summer ( early) and his leg was swollen and black and blue for a looooong time !

  4. Ouch is right!! But thanks for posting those beautiful young people last! They surely do look prettier than that foot, ha, ha!!

  5. oh..ouwie..yikes…that had to hurt just a little…enjoyed the pics of your expanding family~

  6. Ug.  And ouch!   so glad he can walk on it, anyway and hope it heal quickly!

  7. Oh Mary Ann, that foot is positively painful looking. If you look back on my site a ways…back to last Easter time, you’ll find like pictures of Billy’s foot….he had to be in an air cast for 6 weeks and still has trouble…tell your eldest son to really take care of that foot….so he doesn’t have recurring issues like Billy does! ~Erica

  8. I feel old just remembering them being little. Now the boys are grown up and finding “friends.” More daughters for you I guess.

  9. omgoodness!! that is a nasty sprain… hard to believe it was just a sprain!

  10. I just want to cringe for him and hold my feet!  OUCH!!

  11. Oh!  That sprain is a bad one!  I’ll bet your break heals before his sprain does (speaking from experience).
    How nice to see your boys are finding nice girls! 

  12. …and do I love your “post” on my post!!!  Hope everyone reads it.  I thot I had a big picture, but not in the least!  My heart goes out to the sprains and falls in work, the times we may do everything soooo faithfully and the reward is different than our intention.  We need to pray for eyes of our Master and a trust in His Sovereign plan.  Take heart, the rain falls on the just and the unjust.  He does say that we are to rejoice in trials.  Ouch.  That feels like that sprain looks!  He also says there is joy in the morning. Keep on hoping in His promise!  It sounds like Delaware is.
    BTW…we need an update on how you are getting along with your cast.

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