Baby Rachel 

My Baby is 17 today!


Rachel -1

(Do you see why they call her “Blueberry Eyes”?)

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

I’m so glad you are ours!


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  1. Happy Birthday to Rachel!  How interesting Mary Ann I did not know that you and I had babies on the “same” day!!

  2. Wow!  Those are beautiful blue eyes!  Looks like she has lovely hair, too!  Happy Birthday to her from me!

  3. What a coincidence!  My baby was born today, too.  Only it was 11 years ago.

  4. I just checked my sub page and first there was you … then there was brdeezgrl … then there was fredsyankeegal – all in a row and everyone with birthday wishes for their children.  What a busy day! I’ve thought of your girlie off and on all day. I can’t believe she is 17. Just blows my mind! I’m sure it does yours too!

  5. Happy birthday to Rachel! What a sweet gal she is!

  6. Happy Birthday, beautiful Blueberry Eyes!

  7. A day late and a dollar short………………but Happy Birthday to your Blueberry Blue eyed girl!

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