Say a prayer today for my sister

ZZ-- Evening At Mama's Sarah

She is having knee replacement surgery this morning at Bay Health, Dover.

Over the years, she has endured much pain.  She nearly died with a ruptured appendix, she has had migraine headaches that would have stopped lesser women.  She has had back surgery following unsuccessful pain management therapy.  The knees have been giving her excruciating pain over the last few years, actually, and she finally decided the time was right to do something about it.  She is first of all, Godly.  But beyond that, she is warm and funny and has a heart for people that is as big as the whole outdoors.  Please pray that the surgery is successful, that the results will be beyond our wildest expectations, and that the time between now and full recovery will be filled with unexpected joy and wonderful surprises!

I love you, Sis!

Update, 1100AM–

Sarah is out of surgery.

The Dr. says
everything went well!

“Lord, we offer grateful praise!”


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  1. Of course we will pray she is such a sweet wonderful godly woman and was a big influence on my life.  ( looks like she was camera shy)

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the reminder! I was remembering her last night … but not yet this morning. I’m so glad for the reminder so I can pray!!!

  3. Yes I have and I will through this day………..

  4. I’m glad I know so we can pray. will she be in the hospital for a while? from what you said about her, she sounds like her older sis.  blessings, have a great day

  5. Via phone I was talking with Dominie who was in the hospital room with her husband(he is doing well) I told her we sure knew alot of people with illness or surgery recently……… Buckeyegirlie’s sister and Polly Wolly’s sis-in-law……………just now did I realize this is one and the same gal isn’t it?  I had forgotten the relationship…….
    Glad to know she is doing well! While I was speaking with Dominie I could hear her man in the background talking so it sounde like he is doing well also.

  6. I do hope this surgery is successful in bringing her pain relief. Your description of her sounds just like you! Must be from the same “stock”!!

  7. We have been praying for her,  Hope she has no more pain of any kind, and it is a quick recovery

  8. I will pray for a speedy recovery.

  9. I am so glad Sarah is doing well!  Prayers are being answered!

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