There was a request for some updated pictures of the boys and their gals.

So, here you go!

Our Boys and their gals 1

Eldest Son with his Regina-girl.

Our Boys and their gals 2

Youngest Son with his Jessica-girl.



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  1. Very good pictures. Hard to believe those boys of yours are so grown up!

  2. Sweet looking couples! Nice pictures. Did Regina see Raph when his head was shaven? Me thinks he looks best with some hair don’t you think?
    Thank you for sharing. They look very happy.

  3. Beautiful couples, indeed! Thanks for sharing these pictures.

  4. It’s kinda weird how you put “girl” after their names….lol. Love you mom.

  5. As my sister June would say, “Be Still My Heart” handsome!

  6. Lovely pictures!  Are there wedding bells in the future?

  7. What happened to those little boys that used to jump on the trampoline????

  8. Yes those boys are good looking. But you know I am sure they are sweet to match. Those girls are blessed!

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