If you want to know the truth, I’m trying not to cry.

I got my cast off today.  I should be happy.  But —

They replaced it with a “removable” one that I have to wear for three more weeks.  It is taller, bulkier, much, much more padded (interpretation:  Hotter!) and it throws my step off alot more, causing even more stress on my already stressed right foot.  But —

I can take it off to sleep, to shower and to “watch T.V.”  (Which I don’t do, so I will interpret that to mean, sit in my chair and read or write or study my Sunday School lesson or prepare the weekly Bible Study lesson).  I am thinking this means that I will sit more for the last three weeks of my recuperation than I did for the first seven.  Certain Man applauds this.  He went along today so he could interpret what the doctor said.  Well —

The doctor did say that the fracture is only about 60% healed, and that it NEEDS the stabilization of this cast for another 3 weeks.  Failure to comply will result in that  60% being the extent of the healing (in the least) or a refracture and much, much more trouble (at the other end of the spectrum).

I prayed as I meandered home that I could be brave and that I would not look at the dark side of this.  It is true that this fracture is actually healing well for where it is located, and I am not “behind” or anything like that.  It’s just that I am quite weary of this cast and especially my inflamed right foot. 

Complaining will not help this attitude a single bit.  And this is such a little thing compared to my sister’s pain and discouragements and the plights of so many others out there in Xanga-land.  So hear the positive news in this post and pray that God will “Make me to hear joy and gladness: that the bones which He has allowed to be broken may rejoice.” (Psalm 51:8)  (Italics mine.  I don’t blame God for my clumsiness, but I know that this broken foot came “past the Throne”!!!)



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  1. How disappointing for you.  Maybe it will be a good thing for you to have to sit and rest more than you would normally do.
    Did all go well for Raph and his hurt ankle?
    One good thing to thnk upon it is not the hot humid ol’ summer time.
    Take care and keep those praises going.

  2. Keep a strong upper lip, as my Dad would have said, and keep thinking that by Thanksgiving you can give thanks that it is off if you are obedient for the next three weeks.
    RYC on my site:  I always appreciate your posts and get encouragement from them.  Don and I both have a strong faith which is serving us well.  I have had some weak moments, but most of the time I keep a strong upper lip.

  3. Hey momma…sorry bout your foot and i hope it’s getting better…..and personally i think a little complaining followed by a little sympathy can be quite healthy. =) Love you.

  4. I am so glad that you have at least 60% healing there  lady!  Take it easy and remember better three more weeks then three more months!  Enjoy your rest!  ( I know that when you are not allowed to get up it can be oh so frustrating) Hopefully you can find something rewarding to do while sitting!  Best wishes 

  5. Oh! This really has been a long drawn out recovery for you! I’m so sorry! That xanga picnic was ages ago and I know that this whole time your life has been different since then! I appreciate your praise attitude!!! Also remember , “Blessed are they that mourn (their loss of freedom,) for they shall be comforted.” You recognize the Cindy paraphrase of course! 🙂 Praying that comfort from Him for you today!

  6. I think instead of “strong upper lip” I should have said “stiff upper lip”.  I should have also checked the origin of that expression.  I hope it doesn’t have questionable beginnings!  LOL  Our Dad had a lot of questionable sayings. HRRUMMM.

  7. PTL for his healing and Praying that He holds you up during this time.Hugs

  8. sorry about your foot…=(  maybe the news that you won the drawing might help cheer you up a bit!!!!!!!!!! =)  Hurray, hurray!!!!!!!!!

  9. If you need to cry, you should have a good cry.  Sometimes you just feel so frustrated you need to let it out.  Have a good cry, let it out, and then start counting your blessings.  We’re females and we are human and sometimes crying is a way to release all that stress.  It’s true that some people may be going through something worse right now, but right now this is happening to YOU and you need to deal with it the best way YOU know how.  ….At night we may cry, but when morning comes we will celebrate. Psalm 30:5

  10. Yes,  I do have news. So, I did a post for you — and anyone else who might want to be informed.

  11. I’m sorry about your foot and I’m so glad you asked hopeinthejourney those questions!

  12. Hey, you’re in good company, Mary Ann. King David did lots of “crying” and complaining to the Lord, but always ended up reaffirming his trust in the Lord and giving Him praise. You sound just like him!When we were in our twenties Dick broke him leg. I don’t think there were such things as walking casts and removable casts back then. He used two crutches and NO weight on that leg for months. Eventually he was allowed to put some weight on it and use just one crutch, then just a cane. EIGHT-AND-A-HALF months later he was finally allowed to walk without any assistance. They told Dick his leg was healing like that of an old man. That was the long winter for us, from Labor Day until the middle of May. I’m glad yours is 60% healed already and I pray that the other 40% will go more quickly and give your other foot the break it deserves. Hang in there.

  13. Thinking of you on this fine autumn morning in Southern Iowa. Our yard is carpeted with leaves of every color. So pretty but nevertheless I need to mulch them up.
    Take care and I hope time is passing quickly for you and the healing is progressing well.

  14. just a note to let you know the little train is on its way….added a couple more “happys” too =)

  15. Ah, how very blessed I am!  I cannot wait!

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