The Christmas music is playing at this house..  My kids commented that I was “late” getting it started this year.  I did wait until the end of October, but this year we don’t have to have Christmas at Thanksgiving the way we did for the last two years. — so I wasn’t quite so “rushed.”  And Thanksgiving looks wonderful this year.  Youngest Son will be home for a week, Lord Willing.  Daniel’s sister is flying in from California for the weekend, and that is ALWAYS a wondrously fun time, too. Hopefully there will be a “big” Yoder Celebration on Thanksgiving day, then it will be time to set up the Christmas Village.  We are also planning for Yutzy Thanksgiving on Saturday with whomever can make it..  I am so looking forward to the family times.

How are all of you spending your Thanksgiving weekend?


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  1. Goodness, lady. Needing to figure out a “Thanksgiving DAY” is hard enough … but a weekend???   Nah. Think I’ll just stick to the day-thing.   And I have no idea what that day is going to end up looking like this year. None at all. But I’m sure you will enjoy all those big days with your family! Blessings.

  2.  We are looking forward to our Thanksgiving  in our oldest son’s home in Jefferson City, MO. It has been so pleasant knowing this for several weeks ahead, I  am really looking forward to it.   Precious family time!

  3. Don has invited a few people to our house for Thanksgiving, so I guess we are having it here!!!  I love Thanksgiving!  It is the one holiday that the doesn’t require gifts and has a whole lot of heart behind it.  And the smells of dinner cooking in your house can’t be matched either.

  4. I am not sure yet what we are going to do for the last 18 thanksgivings all but two were spent at my father-in-laws ( either in AL or MS) with Fred’s stepmother making the thanksgiving dinner and odds and ends of extended family and visitors attending  –house full to overflowing!   Not sure what we will do this year all by our lonesome here but…… I do no we are not heading south this year.

  5. Your plans sound lovely! The Millers (my family) are getting together the Sunday after Thanksgiving, but I haven’t heard anything about Carl’s family. What do you do with in-laws who just don’t plan ahead very far for holidays? (It’s not like we’re spread out all over the country; all 4 kids and families live within 15 minutes of each other.) I guess I either need to send out an e-mail to try and make arrangements–or just chill out and go with the flow… The latter is probably harder for me to do but is a good exercise to practice!

  6. Our Thanksgiving is always quiet, which I enjoy.  We have a Thanksgiving service at church in the morning – a favorite, because the entire time is spent listening to testimonies of our church family.  Our children usually have plans with their inlaws, and sometimes a few of the men are hunting.

  7. Ever since I married Wes his mother and grandmother take over all of the cooking and preparation. All I have to do is dress the kids, show up, eat, and help with dishes.  It’s a win-win situation for me!  But we don’t get a lot of leftovers so about a week later I’ll make a mini Thanksgiving dinner for just us and the kids.

  8. Christmas music!?! You are early but then is there any good thanksgiving music out there? We are having dinner with Erik’s Grandma in Georgetown. I wish it would be as much fun as going to your house…long story….sigh..But when life gives you lemons… hahaha

  9. Having an early Christmas for the 3rd year in a row.

  10. You are so giving of your time and energies.  The Lord just quietly gives you a thoughtful heart. 
    Now…just be careful with that foot   😉

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