The Contest!

About ten days ago, had a contest on her website.  She offered a little wooden Christmas train to be drawn from all the comments to that particular posting.  Chambray7 and I have been friends for several years, going back to when Certain Man and I stayed at their house while attending a church convention that was hosted by their area churches.  This isn’t the first time she has held such a giveaway, and I enjoy these little events very much, so I signed up. 

Unbelievably, I won!  One unusually challenging day, I received the following message from Chambray7:

Hello MaryAnn!! Do you mind giving me your address?? I’m assuming you got the message that you won the drawing!!!!!!!!!! =)
Be Blessed~

Was I ever excited!  I hadn’t known it until then.

And today, I got the most delightful package.  In it was the cute little Christmas train and I found a place for it right away–

The train 1

It is a perfect little ledge above the pellet stove that does not get too hot.

Also, in the package was a bottle of Chambray7’s own lotion and a lip balm.  What a blessing that was.  I’ve been sick for the last few days with a bad chest cold and I have this terrible cold sore growing on my lower lip.  So I found a place for my train, and I rubbed my poor dry hands and arms with the lotion, and I slathered the bee lip balm on my ouch-ified lip and felt so comforted and encouraged and blessed. 

Thank you, Chambray7.  You really made my day!

The train

It has been a good day to stay close to the fire.  I’ve been trying the old adage, “Feed a fever, Starve a cold” and have been just drinking liquids and I am feeling a bit better tonight.  I must say that getting a delightful package certainly did not hurt!

Blessings all around! 


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  1. Oh, yay!! I’m so delighted that you got the package, and you have blessed me in return!!……So glad it helped ease some of life’s little discomforts, and the train looks like it found a perfect little resting place!  Have a great day~

  2. Sorry to hear that you have not been doing well.  Hope you are feeling better soon !!  Congratulations on your “win”

  3. Congratulations on winning the train.  I hope you soon feel better.

  4. I DO hope you feel better!  And I’m glad you won.

  5. You were the perfect one to win that little Christmas train with your great and early Christmas spirit!  Her added gifts made the winning even sweeter since your difinitely needed them.  I am hoping all of this does indeed make you feel better and chases that bug out the door!

  6. See how God provides?  He knew you’d have a cold sore and need cheering up!!  God is so Good.

  7. That is so cute and just in time for Christmas! You deserve all the love!

  8. Isn’t it great how God just knows when we need a little extra encouragement? And He can be so creative in the way He sends it! I’m glad your day turned out so well. Hope you are soon feeling much better.
    About the quilt, I probably won’t see the finished product as it was sent to a quilt shop in IL today where it will be quilted and sold.

  9. Poor dear!
    The ‘mamas’ always take care of others but who takes care of ‘the mamas’? 
    I hope you are being well cared for and that you feel better soon!

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