by doze id ‘tuffy!!!


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  1. I’ve got the solution!  Chicken noodle soup, cozy fire, lazy-boy and some stong tea.  Love you girl!

  2. ohhhhhhhhhh…..finally figured it out, thought you must be speaking dutch or something….lol…sorry about the “tuffy doze”, hope you’re better soon~

  3. LOL  I thought to  that you were speaking some foreign language I just figured it out  Hope you feel better soon that is miserable !!!

  4. Hey, I must know that language, because I figured it out right away! My solution – drink lots of hot green tea and make sure you inhale the steam as you drink it. Also, I still like good old Vicks.

  5. i’m sorry.  is the weather a drizzzle or a chilly frost?

  6. Hope you feel better soon!!  God bless!

  7. I was gonna say, “HUH???” but I figured it out. Sorry about your doze.

  8. So I decided to wait until you had comments, so as to see what exactly you were saying. I was using ‘id’ as ‘I’d’ so it really didn’t make sense!
    Hot lemonade with honey is also good.

  9. How cute!  It took me a second look too!  Hope your doze is not tuffy any longer!

  10. A tuffy doze ……….poor baby!

  11. Alright so I’m not the only one that had to read that a couple times before it clicked!  Sorry about your nose.

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