My stuffy nose is better, thank you very much!

This has been a busy day of washing, baking bread and getting ready for a short trip to Ohio.  Our chickens are going out today, and that has kept Certain Man home and very occupied.  The crews are still working on the last house, but he needed to dash to Seaford for an order of three gallons of oysters that he is taking to relatives.

I have a few loose ends to catch up, a quick meeting concerning Thanksgiving boxes, some prescriptions to pick up, and some packing to do. 

And then, Lord Willing, we will be heading out in the morning.  Middle Daughter, Eldest Son, and Youngest Daughter will hold down the fort for a few days.  (With some help from Beloved Son in Law, Eldest Daughter and maybe my Sweet Mama).

I wish I could say that this is a trip for pleasure.  It isn’t.  Certain Man’s step-mother fell and has a hair line fracture in her wrist and wrenched her knee.  His Father is dealing with some health issues, too, and the children are scattered (actually from Delaware to California to New York and Virginia.  This time it is our turn to go, I guess. 

I sense keenly our need for wisdom and patience and compassion and grace.


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  1. Sorry to hear its not a pleasure trip may God bless you as you go to be a blessing to CM’s parents

  2. Will be praying for a safe trip for you guys and also for the requests you have mentioned
    Take care and glad you are feeling better

  3. we’ll be that area 15th-18th.

  4. I’ve so sorry to hear about Certain Man’s step-mother.  I’ll pray for her recovery and for your family to have a safe trip. 

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