We’re Home, We’re Home!

And the week went well — Beyond our expectations in so many ways.

But home looked so good, and I am so thankful for a safe trip all the way around.  Today, on the freeway, going 70+ mph, a semi in front of us blew his two back right tires.  I was asleep, and brought straight awake with the explosion.  Heavenly protection and Daniel’s quick thinking got us through unscathed, and sleep was the farthermost thing from my mind for many a mile.

I hope to post some pictures later, but just wanted to thank all of you for your prayers for us.  It really was a productive, rewarding time.


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  1. I’m glad you’re home and safe!

  2. Wow!  What a way to awaken from a peaceful nap!  I am so glad you were not involved in a horrible accident!
    Thanks for your encouragement and prayers, too!

  3. What a way to wake up! Glad you folks remained safe. Welcome home!

  4. Praise God that He carried you through that truck tire blowout safely!!  70 is a road with many accidents and I am glad that He chose to keep you safe!

  5. So Good that you are home safe! I guess Shirley goodness and Mercy were following you!

  6. Looks like your guardian angel was on duty!!  Thank God you’re home safely.

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