Certain Man’s Village this year is the best ever.  One of the things I love about him is that he is a man of many, many abilities and there is this artistic side to him that finds expression in little ways that brings order and beauty into our lives as a family that we would miss otherwise.  I took some pictures this morning so that I could more accurately show the details.     

         It is imperative that people understand that my involvement in the village is purely on the observation level  Certain Man creates this village and for him, it seems to take on a life of its own.  Sometimes people will say to me, “I moved something (of the accessories) in the village.  How long do you suppose it will take him to notice?”  The truth is, unless it is a HOUSE, He won’t notice.  In a village, people and animals move around, and so, it is not unusual for an item to be somewhere that it wasn’t the day before.  (The figurines do not become alive at the stroke of midnight, but sometimes it seems like they could!!!)

Z-Village 12

This is the ” corner view”

To the right of that picture is what he calls the “Wilderness Area”

Z-Village 15

Here there is a hobo shack (in the middle of the picture), hunting lodges, and an old grist mill.

Z-Village 6
The train track runs along the edge of the wilderness, and in the immediate front is one of Certain Man’s very, very few “Village 56” items.  The Coca-Cola bottling plant went on sale many years ago, and he picked it up.  He is quite fond of it.  This is the beginning of the downtown section of the village.

Z-Village 4
More of the downtown section.  The little sign in the front says “Daniel’s Village.”

Z-Village 3
Here the train makes a turn and goes back into a tunnel that runs underneath the last row of houses and come out on the other end (between the Wilderness area and town).

Z-Village 9

Z-Village 10
These two pictures show part of the park and the lake.  This is  the “Residential Section” of the village.

On the left end of the village, Certain Man has constructed a “riverfront” development:

Z-Village 1
Here he puts fishermen, docks and pilings.  He has a fish “shop” and other mariner type things.  There is actually a lighthouse that is just off the picture. 

And that is the “tour” around Certain Man’s Christmas Village.

Again, we are glad when people stop by and want to see the village.  It is always nice to see old friends and make new ones!




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  1. A wonderful Village !!! Thanks for the tour !!!Miriam

  2. That is really neat!!  I suppose you never have to wonder what to get him for Christmas! Thanks for sharing this special part of your season.

  3. Thanks for the “tour”!  It is really a great village!!

  4. I wonder if Certain Man is thinking of metropolis spread. Does he realize that it is taking up valuable farmland? Soon he will need to go up instead of out!  I hope a by-pass is not planned for the near future:):):):)

  5. That is just wonderful!  I loved seeing it up close. 

  6. That is just absolutely amazing!! I loved seeing all of that so close up! It reminds me of Roadside America near Hamburg, PA.

  7. wow, would love to visit the village!!

  8. I personally would LOVE to see the village…however so would Christian & Ike! Yikes!  I’d have to keep them in the car seats while I have a good look.

  9. Wonderful !! My village is very small compared to his!!  Right now all my houses/stores are still in boxes. I have not come up with a good place to pu them here at our new place!

  10. What a lot of work and care go into that every year!  I loved the camera’s eye view.  LOL to gokum’s comment!  =D 

  11. Recently I was thinking about your alls Christmas village and was hoping you would post it again this year. I love seeing it. That is such a special tradition!

  12. Someday I’d love to have room to set something like that up.  My aunt sets one up each year and I told her just yesterday she needs to put some pictures on Xanga of it.  I let her know to come over to your site and check yours out.

  13. Thanks for the “tour”! Does the train run? Maybe you could make a video. That would be neat. Tell Certain Man “Thanks” from all of us. Albert

  14. We’d love to stop by and see that. Maybe some year we’ll be out east for Christmas, but that’s not likely as long as we have any livestock and live in the north woods. And please read the edited version of the recent post– hopefully rendering it less alarming.

  15. WOW that is so cute! Thanks so much for posting that makes me smile!Hey Do you have Ebeneezer scrooge’s flat?When I worked at Boscovs I used to help with the displays so I know it is WORK! Kudos to your C-man!

  16. “Awesome” is such an over used word, I seldom if ever use it but this is indeed awesome!! It is beautiful!
    btw: any party mix left? LOL
    Great post!

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