One of my Precious Daddy’s Brothers (Jesse) married my Sweet Mama’s Sister (Gladys)  Their children and the Sibling Six of the Mark Yoder family grew up almost like brothers and sisters.  Every family reunion, we were all there.

Yesterday, Uncle Jesse and Aunt Gladys became the Great Grandparents to twins:


Picture from


And today my Sweet Mama and my Precious Daddy (in Heaven) became the great grandparents to twin girls:

Autumn Brooke and Amber Sky– (here with their beautiful Mama, Jessica)

 Israel and Jessica's twins
Picture from

What an incredible blessing!  What joy our hearts hold tonight! 

EDIT  My brother, Mark, Jr. and his sweet wife Polly are the grandparents of these two.  It sometimes isn’t fair at all that this youngest brother of ours has the most grandbabies.  This makes number six and seven for him.  Their oldest son, Israel and his wife, Jessica have six (with these two) and his second son, Jeremy and and his wife, Cheryl, have one.  My brother, Clint and his wife, Frieda, have two grandbabies, and my brother Nelson and his wife Rose have four with number five on the way.  And all of those grandbabies are the cutest things in the world!  I am so happy to see my brothers be Grandpas.  They are grandpas of the best order, and it warms my heart to watch them with their grandchildren. 


For the whole stories, go to


Interestingly enough, My Precious Daddy was a twin.  His twin, Luke, was always extra special to our Daddy.  If our calculations are correct this is the first set of living twins in the family line since they were born in 1929.  Somebody correct me if they know otherwise. 

On another note, word came this morning that my last Great-Aunt on my Mama’s side, (edit:  Actually, the last living relative on either side of my grandparent’s generation) Gladys Lauver, passed away in her sleep.  She was 100 years old.  Once again, birth and death mix in our lives in ways we cannot avoid.

And so our lives go on . . .  


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  1. What a blessing for your family to have these precious babies born at one time. Aren’t they just the sweetest most wonderful little darlings!
    For your aunt to drift away to Heaven in her sleep after 100 years on this earth while these little ones are born is very touching.
    Congratulations to your family for these babies!

  2. That picture of those babies both making eye contact with their mother is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!! Which of your siblings is the grandparent to these little girls?

  3. oh wow, that is so neat, and such a blessing…two sets of healthy twins!

  4. What sweet pictures….newborns… almost makes me want another…lol.  Blessings and Congratulations to those parents, grand-parents, and all the greats!

  5. soooo precious!!!  Hey don’t forget about that you are that great aunt!

  6. So sorry to hear about your loss but 100 years!  That’s a good run for my money!  And oooh the babies! So many cute widdle babies! Aww…

  7. That is surely a way to keep multiplying the family!

  8. Such precious Bundles Of Joy !!!Miriam

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