I’ve been so challenged by this prayer by Jill Briscoe:

A Prayer to Recover Our Cutting Edge

Dear Savior,
Sharpen my focus, quicken my lethargic spirit.
Show me where you need to grow me into a compliant child.
Give me an increasing awareness of the places where
I lost my spiritual edge.
And when I grieve your heart, may I grow weary with weeping.
Cause my shamefaced soul the consternation it should know
when I reisist your promptings.
Mend me, as you mind me, that you and I may be as one,
united in purpose as you bring a lost world to its senses.
Ready me for battle as you win my wars.
Steady me for conflict in the inner halls of your residence.
Teach me abandonment to your love and service.
Look upon me, and love me into your likeness —
before you bring me home!
I love you, Lord.

From her book, Prayer that Works
 Tyndale House publishers, Carols Stream, Illinois.  Copyright 2000.


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  1. Thanks for sharing that poem. I needed that reminder. Albert

  2. that is cutting edge..my prayer too

  3. RYC:   I to hope that I get the desires of my heart     We have been blessed. Most of the extreme weather seems to be either south or north of us or just to our west!!!  We are protected here for some reason. ( they tell us it seems to work that way with tornadoes to  they are either south of us or north of us or to the east or west!!! 

  4. “quicken my lethargic spirit” Amen!

  5. Momma had a card she liked when she was in the hospital that she kept in her bible.It had a poem “You must not Quit” on it and I had placed it on my cupboard glass doors because it was so inspirational and lifted my spirits.I never looked at whom it was from. You know I took it down this past weekend cleaning up and putting up Christmas cards and decorations. Thought to myself it is time to set it away for another season. And when I looked inside here it was from you! You don’t know how many times I read that and was encouraged!You are a blessing! (((HUGS!)))

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