Three men

These are a few of my favorite things!!!



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  1. Such a sweet picture! Your guys! Great picture.

  2. Quite the crew…..they are VERY special guys!

  3. WHO’S the DUD in the middle?  Looks a little like Mose Grizzly.

  4. Oh my word, Mary Ann, that is a wonderful picture! You need to get it enlarged and framed!

  5. Interesting placement of the hearts above their heads…shows which is THE one!:)) Did they stand under there on purpose?  By the way could you please message me your address?  Have a great “last-minute-stuff” weekend!

  6. i’d have to say that lem is a second daniel.  was that a hat show? or a dude show?
    with the like of them, how could Christmas have a dull moment.  They look like they should take the hats off, don an apron for a show, and channel the “dude thing in the kitchen”.     😉

  7. what a great picture to preserve great memories!

  8. Excuse me?  Those can’t be YOUR boys!!! They’re supposed to be around 10 years old, begging for M&M’s and jumping on the trampoline.  And who is Gramps in the middle? LOL

  9. Wishing you and yours a wonderful, blessed Christmas.

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