It’s Friday Night

The Yutzy Clan is going out for Supper!

CIMG -- Out for supper 1
1/2 of the crew got into the Yutzy Mini Van.
Beloved Son in Law and Oldest Daughter drove their car.
Youngest Son and Girl with a Beautiful Heart rode with them.

Where, oh where shall we go???

Well, The Ohio Heart Throb loves Mexican.
And Certain Man’s Wife was thinking that sounded pretty good!
As was Certain Man.
So . . .

CIMG -- Out for supper 2

La Tolteca it was!!!


CIMG -- Out for supper 3

This was one side of the table.  You could almost see Oldest Son.

No, We weren’t partaking of the Mixed Drinks. 
The desserts were listed on the self-same flip menu.
(And Youngest Daughter had her heart set on fried ice cream!)

CIMG -- Out for supper 4

This was the other side of the table. 
Neither side shows Certain Man and Certain Man’s Wife.
This is perfectly okay by them!


CIMG -- Out for supper 6

These are our two girlies — Middle Daughter and Youngest Daughter.

CIMG -- Out for supper 9

This is Youngest Son with his Fiance — Girl With A Beautiful Heart


CIMG -- Out for supper 5

This is Eldest Son with his Ohio Heart Throb.

I had a picture of Eldest Daughter and Beloved Son in Law.
I would like to live.
I will not show it here.

We waited and waited and waited and waited. 
People got hungry
(I won’t show you a picture of that or someone [GWABH] may lose her reputation!)
But finally they made a great big table in the middle of everything, and sat us all down.
We had great service and a wonderful time.

I am so thankful for our family.
I am so thankful for the ones God has brought to share their lives with us.
Incredible blessings.
Unfathomable love!



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7 responses to “

  1. Oh yeah! Mexican food yum! It has been ages since I had fried ice cream. Me thinks those sweet young ladies fit right in with CM and CMW’s family just fine.

  2. It amazes me that Mexican food has spread across the nation and that so many love it who are not Mexican!  Were you happy with it?  What is your favorite?
    Your family certainly appears to be multiplying by two.  Great photos!

  3. Lovely people and a lovely time. Cherish these days. If any of your brood spreads their wings and flies away in the years to come, it will become harder and harder to get them all together. You are blessed!

  4. You have a wonderful family!!!  How could you not with the likes of CM and CW?

  5. See? With every low there is a high!  What a difference from last post.  You just gotta look for the good.  Now where’s my fried ice cream??? LOL

  6. Almost a photo-essay of “The Life & Times of Shady Acres.” Love to see and hear of what’s going on over there. mw

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