Last night, as is the usual practice for our little country church,

Laws Church WR

We met for the soup and salad fundraiser for our youth group.  They are planning a trip to New York City in late spring for sightseeing, street evangelism and WORK, so they are planning ahead for the funds for this adventure.

These are the soups:

NYE WR  Our Soups
Shrimp Chowder, Chicken Corn Noodle and Taco.

And these are our servers:
NYE WR  Our Soup Servers
Mary Beth, Laura and Rachel

And these are the Helpers/servers of the tea, hot chocolate, coffee, etc/ and even the cook of the shrimp chowder!

NYE WR  Drink servers
Abby (she made the shrimp chowder, and it was terrific!) Jessica and Joel.

By the time I got there, some of the tables were already full:
NYE WR  Table talk 2
Some of the Bontrager cousins joined us for part of the evening.

NYE WR  Table talk1
Some more Bontragers, and at the end of the table is a couple who saw the advertisement on the sign and decided to come for supper — then stayed straight through to the New year.  That was very exciting for us!

NYE WR  Table talk 3
Another table where good friends gathered.

It was fun to see people as they came in.
NYE WR  Grandma & Kaleb
Kaleb and his grandma, my good friend, Loretta.

Loretta’s sister is visiting for a while over the Holidays.
NYE WR  Carolyn
(We’re so glad to have you, Carolyn.)

The youth group also provided an abundance of choices on the Salad Bar.
NYE WR  The salad table and Miss Barbara
Here Miss Barbara makes her selections.

And the “acting Youth Sponsors” kept a careful watch over everything.
NYE WR   Chris and Jess
Thank-you, Jesse and Christina!

After supper, there was time for some games.
NYE WR  Greedy
Some of the men played Greedy! Gary, Robert, Daniel and Dale

And some of the women played “Golf” with Uno Cards, or table games.  The kids played “Apples to Apples”  “Imaginiff”  “Dutch Blitz!” etc.

NYE WR  Games
Loretta is explaining while Carolyn and Emma try to figure things out.

Unfortunately, about now (9:30 pm) was when I needed to come home with my two ladies.  I had already stretched things pretty far for my Nettie-girl.  When Certain Man and Youngest Daughter came in around 12:30AM, they told me of the wonderfu evening they had just enjoyed.  Around 11, everyone pitched in and cleaned up The Gathering Place (the basement) and then adjourned to the sanctuary for a time of prayer to see the New Year in. It was a very meaningful time for members of our congregation, and I trust those who came to be with us were blessed as well.

Happy New Year, Dear Friends.  God Bless us, every one!


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  1. Looks like a fine evening indeed. Those soups look yummy, I’d want to sample them all.
    Boy Genius’ family and I played Apples to Apples the other night and it is much fun.
    Many of the churches’ activities in our area have been postponed until next Sunday because of the bad weather. Boy Genius’ church is having their Christmas program then. We shall have 6 of our 8 Grandchildren in it so it is a major event for us.  Otherwise I have attended no activities such as your fund raiser or programs. We have been so spoiled by the mild winters of the past few years that this snow and ice is quite inconvenient!

  2. It looked like fun.  Kinda sorry we missed it but we had a wonderful time here.  We had shrimp chowder and chicken noodle today, too.  So glad thing went well!

  3. It looks like it was so much fun!  I could go for some Taco Soup! Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks for making Carolyn feel so welcome.  She’s had a lot of hard adjustments to make, and I’m sure she was blessed by being there.

  5. It would have been wunnerful to have been there, but we had other things to do!!! Yesssss!

  6. Those soups all look so delicious! That is an excellent idea for a fundraiser and gives a church an opportunity to socialize with one another and  with friends on an imformal level.

  7. Even though I don’t always comment I love your posts!!!!!!!We made our shrimp chowder again this year and I even shared your recipe with friends who loved it too!

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