Today was one of those Delaware days.
The temperature is low.
There is a mean wind blowing.

I make swiss cheese and ham sandwiches in the early morning light.
I think about the men my sons have become.
Heading out into the extreme cold.  Learning hard life lessons.
Construction work in Delaware is not for softies.

Through the day, their job comes to mind over and over again.
When I step out of the warmth of the car to the doctors office with my Nettie-Girl.
When I come back out and the force of the wind hits me square
And seems to go right through me. 

I pull my flapping jacket closer around me, and find there is no real warmth
Against this biting, cutting wind.
I pray the Lord to make them strong.  And cautious.  And wise.  And full of optimism.
I pray the Lord to provide respite from the wind.
I pray against bitterness, discouragement and despair.

They tumbled in tonight.  The coffee was on.
“J’amaican Me Crazy”  blend from Dolce’s swirled its comforting smell out to the back door.
Pork Barbecue was in the oven.  Martin Potato Rolls on the cupboard.
They started to “unpeel” and I had to laugh.
Plastic Wal-mart bags around shoes inside boots.
Work pants came off.  Then sweat pants.  Then work shorts. Then there were flannel pajama bottoms.
(Whatever happened to long underwear???)
I see Youngest Son curling up beside the burning flame of the pellet stove.
Oldest Son tending to the “foreman” responsibilities of truck and fellow employees before allowing himself the luxury of warm house and lounging clothes.

Tonight they soak up the warmth and the fire and the comfort of home.
Tomorrow is to be even colder.  And tomorrow they go back out to the job.
It no longer is my responsibility to keep them warm and safe.
I will always be glad when they come home for warmth and food and comfort and encouragement.
But tonight, I know those days are seriously numbered.
And that is okay.  It is the way of Men.
And they are men.  They don’t even love me best of all anymore.

And so, I pack the lunches with a prayer.
I remember the days when I would take my hand and pretend to sprinkle “love” into their food.
It made them laugh.
They are way too big for that trick now.
What they don’t know is that, even though my hand is still,
My heart is sprinkling love all over those Swiss cheese and ham sandwiches.

And I will always love them.


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  1. You’re such a good mom, Mary Ann, and such a good writer too. I’m so glad God brought you into my life.

  2. Did you men read what you wrote?  It would touch them, I think.
    We have had a mean wind here, too.  Maybe not as cold, but very blustery that seems colder than the thermometer reads.

  3. Woman you sure do have a way with words!!   I enjoyed that thoroughly and have many times thought of my man out in the cold and realized how very much he sacrificed to go out day after day to work so that we can stay inside and keep warm and pay the bills.  How blessed we are to have hard working responsible men in our lives!

  4. BEG your writing touches my heart! Yes, as the mother of 2 hard working sons and the wife of a  hard working man I appreciate your sentiments very much. And we also have been having strong winds and very cold weather.

  5. ……and for them to come home to one that is warm and full of love has got to be so restful, peaceful and satisfying.

  6. I just sent my hubby off to work into the cold another day trying to get him to put ‘just one more layer on” and then I read your post… I am thinking…. is it easier for them to go because of what they have to come home to? How terrible for those that are not loved or are lonely. Our homes really are a haven. I think I will make something extra nice for supper tonight (not the left overs I was planning) and make sure to have my chores out of the way.  Thanks friend!!

  7. Wonderful post.  =)  Everyone else said it all….

  8. Well I hope my babies get office jobs!  Aww bless your boys!  I often think of those poor men while I’m driving on the road and also in the summer when it’s scorching hot!  RYC We live in a trailer on the farm.  Hopefully not for long though. 😀

  9. They will always have fond memories of your love for them.  They’re blessed to have you as their mom!

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