There has been a heartbreaking journey that has threaded its way through our lives as a community and as part of the greater Mennonite Church family.  It started on June 21, 2007 with a blog on a newly began site:

On that very first blog was the following picture:

Melanie 1

Melanie Miller.  Or “Mel,” as she is known to the people who love her.
  An unexpected twist to her young life has made all of us more aware of how quickly things can change — how precious is every single minute that we have.  In this picture, she was getting ready for surgery.  Many, many unknowns lay ahead.

To get the whole story, you need to go to the blog and read from beginning to end.

Tonight, on the latest blog, her daddy asked that we spread the word, publish the link.  The love and prayers of family and friends has been a source of strength for them, and they are so thankful for each and every person who has taken time to pray, to write a note, to visit, to care.

Please pray for Marty, Lori, Lauren, Joelle, Melanie, Cameron, and Jana.

Melanie 2
The Family
(This picture was taken about a week after her first surgery.)


And now, these short months later, this precious girlie is fighting for her life, but so loved and so held by that love and the love of The Father.  Please, pray for her and her family. 


This is one of the latest pictures on the blog.  Melanie is a very sick girl (though the last 24 hours have been a little better again).  We serve an incredible God.  Marty and Lori have blessed us with their confidence and trust that He loves them, He loves Mel, and He is worthy of our praise.  What a challenge they have been to me.  Everytime I read their blog I feel like I’m on Holy Ground.

Marty and Lori — We love you.  We’re praying.



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  1. When we can’t see His Hand, trust His Heart.  My heart goes out to them…and with prayer.

  2. I found their site some time ago, can’t remember from who and have been praying and reading each day for them. ~Erica

  3. I just can’t even imagine what those parents are going through.  The blog is so sad and full of hope at the same time.  I’ll keep her in my prayers.

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