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  1. I read the story of Mel and am so touched by everyone’s faith.  Can you imagine anyone facing such a trial without faith?

  2. remembering with you….

  3. It’s such a hard thing to bear, I remember the year my mother died I set aside Christmas money for her present.  Poor MaryKay_Girl.

  4. Remembering and praying…………..with love

  5. I have been going through my blog’s old posts and comments and came across one from “Peaches” with a link to her Xanga site ( I’m just wondering if your MaryKay_Girl is the same person who posted a comment to my blog when my mother passed away. I can’t access her Xanga site anymore and thought maybe you could help. What happened? Thanks.

  6. @Gail – Sorry, I’d forgotten that I even had a Xanga site when I posted this comment. Thought I’d post this so you would see my Xanga profile. 🙂

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