While busy in my laundry room yesterday, I heard my driveway monitor go off.  When I poked my eyes out of the window, here came Mel and Priscilla Sayer and their two youngest daughters, Char and Melody.
    “We have one minute!” proclaimed P.J. while I hugged her fiercely.  I insisted that they come on in and sit a spell, but the spell was short lived.  A few words, a few chuckles, and they needed to go.  P.J. handed me an envelope.
    “Good,” I said.  “I hope this is a picture to hang up on my wall.”
    “No,” said P.J. regretfully.  “It’s not a picture.  Just a note.”
    “Well, then,” I said, “Let me get my camera.  I will take a picture of you to put up on my wall.  Sometimes it is good to have a picture to remind me to pray.”
     So they stayed long enough for me to get a picture, and it turned out right well, it did.

Mel Sayer family

Today they are on their way back to the Ukraine. 
God Speed, dear friends, and blessings abundant as you go.


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  1. Those unexpected guests do bring unexpected pleasure!  How nice that you got to give them your blessings before they took off for far away places.

  2. aww…thanks for posting pictures Aunt Mary…it warms my heart and brings great joy to my homesick heart 🙂 I especially liked the ones of Uncle Daniel with his village stuff…miss you all!

  3. Awww…that’s so sweet you take pictures of people to pray for them…

  4. I had no clue you’d post this for the world to see, or we might not have been so willing! “) The visit was too short — agonizingly so. I want to sit with you for a WHOLE day and just soak you up!!

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