It has been a most eventful couple of days since I last posted.  And I am so thankful for God’s protection, His provision, His direction.  (Now if I could just always follow!)
    Last week, on my Sweet Mama’s family forum, Wertlink, my younger Wert Uncle posted a picture of my grandparents, Alma and Michael Wert, taken on their porch swing at their welcoming mountain home.

Wert Grandparents edited

    My Grandpa Wert was a school teacher.  He was an intelligent and gifted man.  My Grandma Wert was the prim and proper Pennsylvania Mennonite Lady.  She loved babies and pretty dresses and order.  Their love story was published in a book, written by my Aunt, Freda Zehr, entitled  Faithfully Yours.
    I remember sitting in a darkened room as an adolescent, watching old family slides.  My Grandpa was showing us old pictures of my Grandmother’s family, and in one picture was my Grandmother and her sisters, the five Lauver girls,  Alma, Lura, Esther, Mary and Gladys.  They were, all of them, nice looking ladies, but my Grandma was the prettiest, by far.
    “Look at that!”  I said, from my perch on the floor.  “Grandma is the best looking one in the bunch.”
    There was general discussion from the many gathered aunts and uncles and cousins, but not so much that I didn’t hear my grandpa say softly, as he turned the next slide, “I always thought so, anyhow!”


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  1. Nice picture, sweet expressions on their faces. Your commentary is precious.

  2. What a lovely story!  Where can we buy copies of the book? Is it still in print?

  3. great post  what a nice story

  4. A great story about true love!

  5. Of course there are those of us who think that Esther was the prettiest.  🙂
    Esther’s granddaughter

  6. How awesome that your family has a book written about your grandma. Is it sold at bible book stores? She sounds like a true Titus 2 woman. Thank you for sharing her testimony.

  7. Thanks for sharing that.  I love hearing love stories.  We need them!

  8. A sweet love story for Valentines Day! 

  9. Just browsing around and wanted to leave my “hello”.

  10. Thanks for that insight. I would not have known…I find it makes me sad and mad.

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