Did you ever have something

Sit in your heart

That felt like a steel ball bearing

 The size of a half pint jelly jar?

How about 3 or 4 or 8 or 10 things

Equally as heavy?

I need to remember.

It isn’t out of the care

Of my Heavenly Father.


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  1. Yes, as a matter of fact, I have……

  2. I do recognize that feeling, and just like you, I know the One who is willing to carry the weight for us.

  3. Definitely know how that feels. You are just one of many reminders today that God has put in my way that He is in control and will walk with me through anything….it’s been a good day! ~Erica

  4. Yes, I do. Seems like even when you know that The Lord is in control the pain and the scars can remain.

  5. Don’t know what the 10 things are but hope that you know that God does know what the 10 things are. Even though it might not feel like it now, it’ll be ok.

  6. I’m with you.  PTL He’s with us!

  7. Do you have anyone who could help you carry those things, or smash them, pitch them, or… something??? Anyone who is God with skin on?

  8. everyday…yes nothing sometimes we can do but pray

  9. I know it’s hard to “Let Go & Let God” but I guess that’s why it’s called faith.   Keep praying!

  10. Oh yes, got about 10 of those things right now.  Know the feeling! It’s hard to let go, and let God have His way sometimes for me.  Thanks for the reminder.

  11. yes, actually right know i feel like around 100,, praying for you!!!!

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