I had a thought provoking letter from a friend this afternoon, and he gently suggested that it might be a good idea to remove the post that was here for the last few days.   I found his reasoning valid.  So I saved the post to a private document, along with all of your kind and helpful suggestions and did as he suggested.

I have a happier post that I am working on, anyhow, so stay tuned!


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  1. I understand.
    Your concerns remain with us.

  2. I understand too. Sometimes it’s very hard to know how not to put on a fake happy front at times like this, and yet there is also the risk that the very ones who weigh heavily on our hearts may be hurt in the process of our being real. Like the comment above says, your concerns remain with us, they are not forgotten just because they’re no longer posted.

  3. Oh Why I don’t post some pretty pressing things sometimes. But I know where your heart was…The Right place! ((HUGS))

  4. Yeah, I’m not sure that there was anything wrong with the post. If people’s objections were that it was too depressing… well I think that people already hide their true feelings from others too much already. People seem to want to see happy responses out of people no matter what they are feeling.

  5. It’s your Xanga site do with it as your wish. Sometimes though it feels good to get things out in the open.  Looking forward to the new post as alwasy! 

  6. It is encouraging to me to see that others have challenges in life too.. I hope you aren’t discouraged!!! We pick each other up—thats what we do for each other!! You are a blessing to so many!!!

  7. Thinking of you with love and caring! I hope this day goes well with you and that your weather is far far better than ours here in Southern Iowa. It has been a long winter here. Although I have a sweet cozy home with each room warm and snug I am weary of not being able to come and go as I wish. We live on a gravel road  1/4 mile from the highway. Sometimes that 1/4 mile seems like 100 miles when it is icy, snow filled or both.  I miss the casual coming and going we have had in past winters. But this is normal winter weather and spring will arrive and then I can use my red porch swing and enjoy the glory of warm weather once again.

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