This is what you really call a Blast From the Past!

Tonight, on our Mama’s family forum, Wertlink, Unkie (Mama’s youngest brother, J. Lloyd Wert) posted the following picture.  I had never seen it before, and it was a sweet surprise.

The Mark Yoder, Sr

And for those of you who don’t know, here are the names.
In back, on the left,  is my Sweet Mama, Alene Wert Yoder, holding my Youngest Sister, Alma Jean Heatwole.
Beside her, in the white shirt, is my Daddy,  Mark B. Yoder, Sr.
Beside him, to the right (our right, his left) is my Oldest Brother, Clinton Edward Yoder
In front of him in the striped shirt is Polly the Patchworker’s husband, my Youngest Brother, Mark B. Yoder, Jr.
The little blonde haired girl in the front with little curly ponytails is my Middle Sister, Sarah Jane Slaubaugh.
Standing directly behind her in a blue polo shirt is my Middle Brother, Nelson Roy Yoder.
And the girl in the brown print dress is me: Buckeyegirlie, Certain Man’s Wife, but legally, Mary Ann Yutzy.
I’m not exactly sure when this was, but I know that I had my school picture taken in that very dress when I was in fifth grade, so it had to be 1963-64.


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  1. I could spot you IMMEDIATELY!  Still such a sweet face…

  2. Oh my goodness…I never really thought Carmen looked liked her mom but baby pics I’ve seen of her look just like Alma on there!! Very sweet picture!! Love your smile BEG:)).  Have a great weekend…heard your boy is home…enjoy!

  3. What a great picture and “Blast From The Pass”! Yes I could tell it was you and your parents but had to look for Polly Wolly’s husband. How nice to see a picture of you as a child.
    My RL is home and we are getting ready to make our visit to the public library to get his westerns to read for the week. Then for a stop at Dollar General Store before returning to out cozy but jolly little cottage for the remainder of the day.
    How is the pavilion progressing?
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I just love this picture! It’s really fun to be able to see each child’s place in the family by their heights – something one can’t see after everyone becomes an adult.

  5. gotta luv it!  just precious!

  6. Mary how sweet.  I’m down in Va. right now missing my man and seeing that cute little guy in the front makes my heart go pitter patter.

  7. i too thought right way,,, alma sure can’t deny Carmen,, neat pic!

  8. Great picture!  I enjoyed looking at yours and your sibling’s pictures – it is enjoyable to see you all as children since we were not here then – and thanks so much for your comment on my site – it meant a lot to me!!  Blessings on your and yours!

  9. Mark and Jesse are my second cousins, right?Miriam

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