My Daddy’s youngest brother, Jesse, married my Sweet Mama’s sister, Gladys.  Unkie posted a picture of their family, taken around the same time as ours.  I know that some of you would be interested in this picture, as well.

Uncle Jesses family

On the couch, from left to right:  David, Uncle Jesse, Aunt Gladys, Paul and Shirley
In front:  Jonathan and Robert

Later, two more children were added to the family, Joseph and Naomi.
Tragically, Robert and Joseph were killed in an automobile accident on April 24, 1977.
I often think about my young cousins.  Robert had just turned 18, Joseph was 13.
I wonder what they would have become.  I wonder how they would have affected the world for good.
But the one thing that Uncle Jesse and Aunt Gladys have taught me is this:
There are things far worse in this old world than having two sons safely HOME.
I cannot begin to imagine their grief.
But they have exampled their hope.
And the strange thing about hope is this:
It is contagious!


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  1. It’s so inspiring that you can garner hope from such an tragic family memory.  God Bless!

  2. I cry again remembering that day in April 1977.  Art & Robert were such good friends.  It was the first deep grief of my young life…but as you say–Jesse and Gladys HAVE exampled their hope many times over through the years.  I’ve often marveled at the grace of God shown in them.

  3. Home safe yes that is encouraging. Wow the family resemblance to your own is uncanny.

  4. Nice picture and very sweet commentary, inspirational!

  5. I understand. We have a daughter who is safe home too. Even though I miss her, I thank God I know she is with Jesus. Albert

  6. Enjoyed the picture and remembrance very much…..and the explanation of the relationship….you had what we used to call “double cousins”….my Dad’s family had some too where sisters married brothers – blessings on you tonight!

  7. WOW that picture brings back lot of good memories from GMS. I have wondered too what life would have been like with him. I had always planned on having him in my wedding.

  8. I haven’t had much time to check your site lately so it was with pleasure that I read about your pavilion and saw the old family pictures. 
    Thanks for your encouraging words on my site.  Like always you have such a nice way of putting things in perspective.

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