The Kids 2000
This was 2000.  We were preparing for Ariadna (Ari) and
Vicenté (Chenté)
to leave for Mexico.  Beloved Son in Law and Eldest Daughter
loved these
four little ones like their own, spending valuable time with
They went on road trips, went to the zoo, to Washington, even to
Pittsburgh, PA together.

The kids were so much a part of our lives as a
The kids and Whimonalintel
Here they are on the beach with Whimonalintel

Daniel and the kids
And this was taken the night before Ari and Vicenté
Our hearts were breaking.

About ten days ago, Vicenté returned
to United States.
AVRL My Kids 3
The kids got together within hours of his arrival. 

AVRL My Girls

My Girlies.
What a sweet, sad time we had.
We knew that
our precious little Latin Lupé Lou was soon to be leaving us.

the kids were at church. 
We got the original “crew” together for some

The Kids 2008
Lupé had come to say good-bye to the many people she loved

Lupé and Deborah plan to fly for Mexico and then on to Guatemala
this Thursday, Lord Willing.
  Deborah is going along so Lupé doesn’t have to
fly alone to her new country .  She plans to return on Monday.
Lupé’s young
husband, Ervin, is still in prison in Texas, awaiting deportment.
He hopes to
be released yet this week.

And yes, I feel like my heart is breaking once

Vaya Con Dios, Mi Hija!


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  1. so sorry for the sadness I am assuming at the beginning of the post where you put this was 2008  that you are not meaning that the first pic was taken then as obviously the people have aged quickly  if so

  2. 2000– I made the correction!

  3. I was thinking just yesterday how difficult this “good-bye” is going to be for you. I’m sorry.

  4. God will be with her and I am glad she had you to help her see the “light” in the world.

  5. Sometime when you have a chance I would love to hear more about how these dear ones were a part of your lives.

  6. Words can’t really express the emotion I feel over all of this….I am sure you are feeling the same way….thanks for sharing the photos!

  7. Thank you for sharing this. The pictures put faces to the names and make it more personal and more touching for me. I am sad for you and everyone involved.
    Take care Dear Friend.

  8. You would have felt more REVERANCE for it?? That is so funny! I agree that it is much more comfy than the cast-I was glad to get rid of that thing. And showers? How luxurious! I even feel like the heeling is sped by this boot, more so than the cast. My poor ankle still complains when I try to exercise it. It still likes to stay in the position of the cast. But at least my leg and foot don’t look or feel so dead anymore. I am working on convincing myself that someday things will be normal again. But how I thought of you in those first few days. Do you feel your injury at all anymore?
    And isn’t it true that broken bones heal faster than broken hearts? God’s grace sustain you, my friend.

  9. Poor Lupe.  My heart would break for her too.  You know I think whimonalintel has only gained maybe 10 lbs since that picture was taken.

  10. Oh, I wish I could have been at church to see them all together again!  This breaks my heart.  I’m so thankful that God knows where they all are going and what will happen and that He loves them more than we ever could!

  11. I have been wondering just what was transpiring in Lupe’s life.  Thanks for the update.  God will bless her.

  12. Glad for the update on Lupe! I’ve been praying about her trip. I’m so glad that she doesn’t have to travel alone and I’m sure Deborah can hold her own!”) It’ll be a tiring trip for Deborah!!!! Bless her heart.

  13. This makes me very sad. I haven’t talked to her since last July.

  14. We are praying. Holly’s heart is breaking too. Jeremy was telling me yesterday how he was walking through the woods and looked up at the tops of these huge trees swaying in the wind. He said he felt small. He said he felt his life span in history is so small compared to these mighty oaks. I told him, “And to think God cares for and knows every aspect of your life.” I’m claiming that for Dear Lupe! God be near her! I know He will! Love you dear Mary and God be very near to all of you.

  15. I am passing through and want to leave my, “hello”. You are in my thoughts.

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