Deborah is home, safe and sound.

We are long on stories — which are so
wonderful to hear.

But short on sleep — as her plane was delayed, and
luggage was lost and we didn’t get home until 2 o’clock this

Lupé’s Mama went along to the airport with us.  She spent most
of the trip home going through Deborah’s camera with her, soaking in the news of
her daughter, looking at the pictures of the beautiful house that Ervin has been
building these last six years, looking at the contrasts of beauty and poverty in
the country to which her daughter went, and wiping tears, while trying to smile.

One of the things that the News Reports almost never talk about is how
much illegal immigration costs the families who choose this life.  I honestly do
not think it would be worth it for me.  Even when everything works out “okay.” the cost is

There are too many broken hearts, broken
homes, broken people.


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5 responses to “

  1. Glad Deborah is back in the nest!

  2. Reading your posts is very enjoyable. Thanks!

  3. good to know she is home!

  4. They do sacrifice a lot.  When I was on the farm my co-worker’s mother had died in Mexico and he just grieved because he couldn’t go to the funeral and visit since he was illegal.  I think our society tries to demonize these people too much and not realize that practically everyone here is an immigrant and all made sacrifices to give their children a better life.

  5. Amen to that last sentance!!!  Glad D. is back safe and sound and that she could “show” L’s momma her new home.

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