Around Midnight, last evening, the luggage came — and with it a notice that it had been searched.

The good thing is, that we cannot find anything missing.  Not even the fruit that Middle Daughter had packed.

She loves passion fruit.  Does anyone else think it is positively disgusting?  It really looks like boogers!  I don’t care how good it tastes, I am not about to put that stuff into my mouth.

“Mom, it tastes so good!” she says while slurping it down in front of my affronted face.  She told me later that it took her three weeks to even try it.  I’m determined not to develop the taste for it.

Other than that,  how very glad I am to have my girlie home.  She had to work last night, so she is sleeping today.

Our Nettie Girl is home with “aches in her legs” and general teary problems.  And I am so far behind that it is sheer foolishness for me to even look at this computer.

Tonight, our small group is coming to pack Hope Totes for the homeless men at the Helping Up Mission in Baltimore.  We are hoping to pack 30 bags.  If you want to help, or want to know more, call me or message me.


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  1. Glad to hear you got her luggage back I too have so many things to do today I should not be on the computer!!!  We have Bible study at our house tonight and it looks as though it has had an absentee homemaker  ( which it has)

  2. “And I am so far behind that it is sheer foolishness for me to even look at this computer.” More Mary less Martha I always say. You encourage me every day! Messes will wait for you! 🙂

  3. It probably was the U.S. searching when it came back into the country.  US customs were always more harsh then Canadian customs agents.

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