It was a wonderful day.  If my count was correct, there were 36 of us here for lunch.  We really did have a splendid time. Here is a picture of some of my family watching a clip from U-tube (the original “Charlie Bit Me!“)

EGT Charlie Bit Me

I had a cousin whom many of you knew — My Uncle Monroe and Aunt Naomi’s Youngest son, Steve, who died in a farming accident in November, 1994.  Today, his youngest son and his wife and their two little girls joined us for lunch.  This was another source of great joy for me.  I had never met this young man and his family, but I looked at his smiley eyes and saw his daddy.  I looked at his beautiful daughters and saw my Aunt Naomi.  If I were to say what my favorite part of this day was, it would be hard to choose, but meeting this young family would be high on the list.

EGT David and Robin and girls
David and Robin, Taylor and Baylee

And then there was a little bit of excitement this afternoon when things were winding down.  I had lit some candles on my washer and dryer before the company came.  It made some great light in a darkish corner, and it was springish looking.

EGT Before

Along about 5:30, the smoke alarm at the top of the basement stairs began to go off, and Certain Man went to investigate.  I heard a great exclamation, looked across two rooms to the laundry room in time to see him dump a bucket upside down on my one candle.

EGT After

It wasn’t really unattended, and if it hadn’t been for the doily, it would have been on a fire proof surface — but I got a good reminder again of how fast things can go wrong.  I am so thankful for Certain Man’s quick thinking.  I am a teeny bit sorry about my silk candle ring.  I just got this particular one on Thursday!


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  1. Sorry about your doily, wow that could have been worse!
    Looks like a great day with much laughter. Are those real flowers on your table? So pretty.

  2. oh my!  Glad it wasn’t worse!
    looks like a fun party~

  3. It was fun seeing the day through your eyes and through Polly’s. 

  4. Loved the “Charlie” picture!   And I’m so glad David and Robin were able to come.  So wonderful.   And so glad that the fire wasn’t so bad;  Thank God for smoke detectors!

  5. wow, so glad it wasn’t worse! Thanks for the photo of your cousins son’s family. His mom was my dad’s first cousin. 🙂 have a great week!

  6. So glad to see a picture of David & Robin!!  Its been about halfa year since we saw them !!      I guess you know that my Fred lived  & worked with Davids family for at least 10 years!

  7. What a great picture of the family laughing together – makes me laugh just to look at them laughing – heads thrown back, tears in the eyes – fun stuff! Too bad about that lovely candle ring, but wow – I’m really, really glad for that smoke alarm. I’d rather be reading about a burnt candle ring than a burnt house. Thank you, Lord!

  8. Oh my that is scary with the candle. My MIL told me never to light any in the house she is so worried I will catch fire to the house. I do but like you do on a safe surface. Those rings are troublesome I have heard and now i see.Glad You had a good Easter!

  9. Mary Dear, thanks so much for the wonderful day together yesterday. You are a fantastic hostess and we always enjoy being at your place. May God bless you many times over for your hospitality! I loved playing Shang-hi with you all. Loved the “belly laughs” we got. Such wonderful medicine! Love you muchly!

  10. I am so glad you caught that candle!  I see your angels didn’t take Easter off.

  11. Oh Mary Ann, I know it is better for Angela to be with Jesus. I don’t wish her back. I know she is safe. But I still miss her, just like you miss your father. Thanks for your encouragement. Albert

  12. That first photo sure makes me want to see that U-tube!  LOL!  Anyway, thanks for stopping by my site ~ you are welcome anytime.

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