Just in case anyone is interested —
Lupe’s husband, Ervin, arrived in safely in Guatemala last night.
We give grateful praise.

And for those others of you who have been worried that maybe she was not going to find things in Guatemala the way Ervin promised —
Here is a view of just a part of their beautiful home.

Lupe's House1


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  1. Giving praise along with you!!!  And … oh my! That is beautiful!

  2. wow! its even more beautiful than she described to me! i can’t wait to visit! :] thanks for sharing that!

  3. God be with dear little Lupe. I was so encouraged talking to Deborah the other day and seeing the pictures and hearing about the family she is with now. We’ll continue to pray! The house looks fantastic!

  4. What a blessing! That house is amazing!

  5. I appreciate your updates on this situation!

  6. Wow, that IS a beautiful home. RYC: Somehow it is oddly comforting to know Carla hasn’t been the only one left setting along the road. Hope Lem gets it properly fixed. Cars are so great when they run like they’re supposed to.

  7. Oh, I’m so glad Ervin is there… and the house is gorgeous!   I’m so happy for her.

  8. So why did Ervin leave?  I mean besides finding the love of his life? LOL  That’s so good to hear that Lupe is in a nice home.  I hope the people there are as nice as their home is.

  9. @Ikwa – Leave Guatemela! Dork! LOL

  10. Wow, Nice House!! Maybe we need to move to Guatemala and build a house there.

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