. . . It was cold on the beach on Saturday. 
AAA Raph and Regina

But it was a perfect day for a marriage proposal.

It’s official.
Raph and Regina are planning
an August wedding.

Welcome to the family, Regina.

The girls our sons chose are so good for them.

For a long time
I prayed that
my sons would choose girls whom I could love.
I found out one day
that I needed to pray
that they would choose girls
who would let me love them.

In Jessica and Regina
I got the answer to both my prayers.


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  1. Wow! A big congratulations to Raph, Regina and the rest of the family. You’ll be in our hearts and prayers. This kind of news is wonderful news!

  2. Awww..she seems so sweet!  Raph was all smiles this morning!!  He is one special young man too!!

  3. Congrats!  Even though I imagine Raph as still 8!

  4. Congrats!!  How exciting for all of you!

  5. So!  You will have two sons tying the knot in one year…I’ve been there and done that in the recent past.  If you want any tips or advice, just let me know!  =D  Congratulations to all!  I’ve also had two daughters get married in the same year.  Vastly different.  Sons are easier.  =D

  6. How wonderful! When is the other wedding?

  7. I’m so happy for Raph!  What a busy time you are in.

  8. Congratulations future MIL to a DIL!! Spring was in the air! Great looking couple!

  9. Congratulations! Thanks for the invitation, Mary Ann. We want to take you up on that sometime, Lord willing, but I don’t know when. We were not far from your place about 1 1/2 years ago and thought of you all, but our schedule did not allow us to stop by that time. Next time we get that close, we will make that part of our schedule. You are always welcome to visit us in Iowa too. We could have your friend(s) Lucy or Ethel (the same person) come over too. We know her too. Albert

  10. That is wonderful news, congrats to the cute couple and May God bless them!

  11. Congratulations!!  And a good piece of wisdom there also – thank you!

  12. I am so happy for you folks! Congratulations to the lovely couple.

  13. Congratulations to all of you.  Bless you as you bless each other.

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