The Saga of the Bread Continues . . .

I got another loaf out of the freezer last night.

I think that freezing it has not helped it at all.

The longer it goes, the worser it tastes.


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  1. Well what did the birds say?  They weren’t gonna eat it? LOL

  2. If you fed it to the birds, you would be feeding God’s creatures…

  3. If you send a loaf to me you’ll be feeding God’s creatures too, ha, ha, ha!!!

  4. Let they guys use it for target practice- bread blown to bits.

  5. chickens will eat just about anything of organic (living carbon-based) origins…mw

  6. I’ll bet it isn’t that bad !Miriam

  7. I like the idea of target practice.  The birds can still eat the bits.

  8. Target practice sounds like a grand idea!

  9. Is the bread moldy by now? A science experiment?

  10. Did that bread do you in??? Boy, ten days is a long time for us to have to read about that bad batch of bread every time we check your blog. (In other words, I miss you.)By the way, I saw John and Rosie at Delaware Mennonite Church yesterday morning.

  11. I wish there was some way you could put that bread on xange so we could taste it. Is it really that bad??

  12. R U OK?    You didn’t become ill from eating any of that bread did you?

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