We’ve been gone.  I guess that is probably pretty obvious, isn’t it?  Certain
Man and I made quite a trip over the weekend.  I just love going away with him
all by ourselves and it was a really special weekend.

First, we left on
Thursday morning, and went to Holmes County, Ohio, to meet the parents of Oldest
Son’s Ohio Heart Throb.  That was a really special time, and we had a great
supper, and it was relaxed and happy and just plain fun.  We got to see Regina
in the setting of her home, and it was a blessing to us.

Yet that night,
we went down to Plain City.  Certain Man has a cousin who lives just a few
streets over from his parents on a quiet little cul de sac, and they had said we
could stay at their house for the nights whilst a ” Family Maintenance Weekend”
was happening.  Certain Man’s sister, Lena, and his sister, Rachel, and her
husband, Ivan Zehr, came to pitch in and take care of some things there.  They
got lots and lots done, too.  I did some things, but mostly, I cooked and ran
errands.  The weekend wasn’t long enough, and my heart aches for this family. 
It is obvious that these two old people won’t be able to stay alone much longer,
but I honestly don’t know what to do.  And you know what, it isn’t really my
problem.  However, the others don’t know what to do either.

We left there
early yesterday morning, and traveled to Denver, PA where Certain Man was taking
the suit for our son’s weddings to have it altered.  Then we stopped to visit
some dear, dear friends who live out in the boonies of Denver, PA.  What a great
time that was, too.  Bev Martin and her family are old friends of ours from
before we moved to Delaware.  So it was really, really sweet to spend some time
with her.  Her mother fed us some delicious homemade vegetable beef stew that
really hit the spot, but along about five thirty, when we were starting to
leave, I developed a really sharp pain in the upper right part of my abdomen,
and it gave me fits until after I got home.  I took some strong pain medicine,
and then went to sleep.  Thjis morning it felt wonderful, and I was really
tickled to have it gone.  This afternoon, Certain Man grilled me a very small,
but perfect Filet Mignon steak, seasoned perfectly, and just perfect in every
way.  Within an hour, I was feeling so bad that I wondered if I didn’t need to
go to the emergency room.  I kept thinking, “Well, I need to finish this yet,”
or that it just wasn’t the right time to leave.  Thbis evening, it was really
hurting, so I looked it up in one of my medical books, and I am pretty sure that
it is a gall bladder attack of some sort or other.  I took a very strong pain
pill tonight, and it is much, much better.  Of course, I am so sleepy I hardly
know what end is up, and I keep making stupid mistakes on here, but I guess I
need to schedule some sort of upper G.I.series and see what is going on before I
get myself into a real quandary and an emergency.

I came home to a wonderful surprise.  Eldest Daughter and Middle Daughter, in a conspiracy with Certain Man, arranged to have my downstairs bathroom redone.  They took out the wall paper that was there when we moved here 19 years ago, and had a painter come in and paint it all.  Including the ceiling!  WOW!!!  What a difference!!!  They even got one of the new handicapped toilets and had it installed, and that is really a blessing.  They painted the whole thing white, so it will need some decorative touches, but not too much.  Stop by and see it if you get a chance. I am so pleased with it.

Oh, yes!  I took my bread along
to Ohio.  By the time I got it there, it hardly smelled bad at all.  Of course, they
all ate it happily.  However, that isn’t too much comfort, as Daniel’s Mom
cannot really smell, and neither does his oldest sister.  However, while I was
out there, I talked to Middle Daughter.  She had cooked a chicken, and decided
that she was going to buy some bread at the grocery store.
    Said Eldest
Son, “Will You PLEASE use the store bought bread for my lunch tomorrow?  This
bread of Mom’s is so bad that I cannot ever taste what is in my sandwich when it
is made from that bread.”  So they have eaten most of that loaf of store bread,
and there are still the four or five loaves of the “donut bread” in the freezer.  I’m thinking seasoned
bread crumbs or croutons or something similar.  I know that I cannot
conscientiously throw it away, and everyone keeps telling me that it isn’t that
bad — but when I opened the loaf here on the counter tonight, I could still
tell it as bad as ever, at least to my nostrils. 

But it is time to
speak of other things.  I have some gorgeous old pictures from several years ago
of the yard in Spring at Shady Acres, and things are very bit as pretty.now as
they were then.  I actually did plant my “arc” of Geraniums tonight, and I am
hoping they don’t freeze.  I am really anxious to get my flowers

One other thing.  Some of you know that I have been on Weight
Watchers since the end of January,   I came home with my “losses” pretty much
intact.  The last weigh-in that I had at Weight Watchers was a week ago and at
that time, I was .4 (Four tenths) of a pound nigh unto losing 30 pounds.  I feel
such a difference, and I enjoy their program very much.  I know it is not for
everyone, but things seem to have changed drastically since the late ’70’s when
I was looking for something similar to this program, and the changes are things
that make it a whole lot easier to learn.  I have some really great
“cheerleaders,” too, and that helps me so much.

And now, Certain Man has
climbed the “mountain” to bed, and I need to go, too.

Thanks for all
your comments.  My Xanga friends are an incredible blessing to me.


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  1. I am so very proud of you!!!   Good job!   and we missed you and are glad you’re back safe.  AND I can’t wait to see the bathroom!  (that sounds funny…  )

  2. Yeah for the weight loss  I had lost that much  3 years ago and now to my great shame I have gained it all back.  I am having a hard time getting motivated to start dieting.  Well maybe getting motivated is not the right way to phrase it when I look in the mirror I feel the urge but then I don’t put that urge into practice.

  3. Good to know you are safe at home and had been having a nice time. I hope that gall bladder pain goes away on it’s own! Congratulations on your weight loss, that is very good!
    Could you make French toast from some of that bread?
    Several years ago I was making 3 loaves of bread every 5 days from a starter that had potato flakes in it. Not wanting the starter to go to waste I would make the 3 loaves routinely until the 2 of us really didn’t need that much bread stashed in the freezer. I began taking some to BG’s home where it was graciously received each time………………until finally…. my dear sweet very honest little daughter-in-love quietly admitted to me that as a family they really didn’t like that bread and their frezzer was filling up with it also……….LOL One of the qualities she has that I admire so much is her honesty and her kind way of telling me things I need to know LOL……….Actually recently I ate some bread made from that same stater a friend served and it does indeed taste pretty sweet and I would rather not have to eat it routinely.
    Very nice to see your update, you were missed! btw how did your foot get? Is it completely healed?

  4. Glad you had a great time, and uh no gall-bladder attacks, no fun at all, I had one towards the end of my pregancy with Q and I was suppose to get up with the surgeon after he was born and I never did ;-{
    I have been feeling rough with this pregancy, so I wonder sometimes if that is the problem or if it is “normal” pregancy stuff…

  5. could be the beef. I am sensitive to beef and don’t digest it well anymore. I think French toast is a great idea too. Especially since it smells like donuts.That was so nice of your daughters.Glad your back!

  6. I hope you went to the doctor since then about that pain!!! Don’t ignore pains like that!  Even if it’s nothing serious at least you went.  And the birds can’t smell the bread either.  Have you tried bread pudding?

  7. I’m so proud of your weight watchers achievement!  I did that several years ago and so badly need to again as it keep creeping upward.  Good job! 

  8. Mary Ann!!! I did not know you have been losing weight. I am a Lifetime member of Weight Watchers since 1993. Unfortunately, I would have to lose 40 pounds to get down to my lifetime weight. I lost 13 pounds last summer and fall, but since I am having so much foot pain and can’t use the treadmill, I have put six of them back on again. You have inspired me.

  9. Good job with the WW program!! I think it is a great “way of life” rather than a diet – I lost 40 pounds and am a lifetime member – the accountability helps me!  Lydia and I did it together with another friend of mine and that was great encouragement – Lydia lost 50 lbs!!

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