Our Baby Girl is all grown up and going to Banquet!

AAA Banquet Tim and Rach 2
Her cousin, Tim, invited her many weeks ago, and she has been eagerly anticipating this night.

But then she got sick, and for a few days, it was a big question about whether she could even go or not.

But she recovered, and she was resplendent in her pretty dress:
AAA Banquet Tim and Rach
She is slouching here just a tiny bit so she isn’t taller than her escort —
(but he doesn’t care, and she shouldn’t either!)

I was already out at the school, working on supper,
and didn’t get to see the great goings on that involved betting ready..

Deborah did her hair, and it turned out nicely.
AAA Banquet The hair 3
(Although at this point, they both may have been wondering!)
Rachel has beautiful, long, long hair.  They decided to pin it up and then did the fall in curls.

It’s hard to worry too much when you are so looking forward to an evening.

AAA Banquet The hair 4
By this time, she seemed pretty sure it would turn out okay.

AAA Banquet Rachel and her daddy 2
Here she is with her daddy, just before leaving for the Banquet.
He is so proud of his girlie.
From the time when she was a toddler, and he would crawl around on the floor,
hiding behind the cupboards to leap out at her,
they have been best buds. 
If I didn’t know that it is so good for a teenager to be good friends with her dad,
I would be jealous!
(As it is, I am so very grateful.)

Shortly after this, he came to the school too,
and lent a much appreciated hand to the labor intensive evening.

Oh, boy!  Am I glad that is done!!!  I feel like my legs are made of stumps.
But then, we were the oldest parents there. Even though many of the junior class seem to be “youngest children”  Certain Man and I were the oldest working in the kitchen tonight by at least two years.
I think that made me feel even more tired than I was before I realized it.
So it is off to the land of slumber for me.
I am very, very, very, very tired.


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  1. Resplendent indeed! And mighty pretty also! (both of them)
    I hope you get rested up quickly, seems like you seldom have a dull moment.
    Nice pictures and very nice you folks were a part of this event.

  2. I keep on being torn between the idea if having younger children when you’re older parents keeps you young, or makes you feel old!  Likely a combination of both!  She looks Beautiful!

  3. What a “feel-good” post! She is just beautiful, so is the dress, and the picture with her daddy is absolutely precious. How sweet of Tim for taking his cousin. And about being older parents – we’ve been the extreme both ways in our life time. I think I was only 29 when we started foster parenting teenage girls. I remember needing to go to the high school attendance office one morning regarding something to do with our first teenage girl. The attendance officer thought I was a student!!And then for a few years recently we were in the parent role with Destiny, certainly the oldest everywhere we went with her. I think having younger kids when you’re older keeps you young.

  4. I love the picture of your youngest daughter with her daddy. The involvement you show in your children’s lives is so commendable. Albert

  5. Thumbs up for Deborah.  She is a sweet combination of her mom and dad!  Do you have pics of the food and decorations?

  6. Debs did a great job!  And Rachel looks beautiful and Tim looks handsome…..  I really hope your rest was good last night and clean-up goes well today!    Love you!

  7. Oh wow. All grown-up! Makes me feel old, too. Has it really been that many years since I used to babysit that little, little girlie???    Where did all that time go??  That bottom picture is priceless!!!! 

  8. I feel old looking at that girlie of yours all grown up. I still remember her in diapers with a dolly sliding down your stair case. She is so special and a treasure. So blessed mother!

  9. Is she really tall?  She looks really tall in that dress, does she take after her Mama?

  10. I’m a tall one, too.  I’ve always liked it but been a little insecure about it over the years.  My husband took that insecurity right away!  May the same happen for her, no matter how tall or short “he” turns out to be!  She is beautiful!

  11. Rachel has turned into such a beautiful lady…can’t believe how the years have gone by. she looks lovely!

  12. Beautiful dress and girl in it…and I’m glad you are conscience free with the bread .I’m sure those croutons were tasty.

  13. i love love the red dress!!! a perfect pick! rachel is just beautiful – the little girl of many a heart has become a lovely woman. and from a fellow tall woman who used to slouch a little too – don’t ever slouch girl! carry that height proudly!

  14. Happy, Happy Days–the Jr.-Sr. banquet!!  I’m sure the other parents were tired, too :))    And I’m glad that bread turned out to be tasty after all!!

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