Remember that terrible bread????

Just so you know, it is all gone from my freezer.

It became the stellar seasoned croutons
on a beautiful tossed salad
on the second course
of the main meal
last night
at the Jr. Senior banquet.

I cannot claim credit for their wonderful flavor.

One accomplished young cook,
namely Carmen Horne,
took that cubed up bread
and seasoned it
and toasted it
to perfection.

I promise you.
It did not
taste like donuts
when she was finished.

And my conscience is not fretting over the wasting of almost perfectly good bread.

What a wonderful solution to my problem.

Thank-you, Carmen and the Banquet Crew.


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  1. yeah for great croutons!

  2. …and that is the good end of the story of that bread.  It blessed many…

  3. Well done, thou good and faithful servant! You didn’t waste a crumb.

  4. Finally you can sleep at night.

  5. I am getting back in touch with my Xanga friends.  It has been such a busy and emotional time these last five weeks.  Thanks for your prayers and loving concern.

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