China Earthquake

Could my Xanga Friends please pray for family members in the town of Wenchuan in the province of China that was hard hit by the earthquake?

Chad and Jenny Graber, and their little son, Matthew, are there. Chad is teaching at a college there, Jenny is expecting their second baby.  Their town is very devastated.  There has been no word from this little family.

Pray for their safety, yes, but pray more that they would be a source of hope and comfort to those around them.

And pray for my cousin, Ben, and his wife Carol, and the rest of their family as they wait for news from Jenny (their daughter) and her sweet family.

And as members of the Family of God, we should be praying for our brothers and sisters who have been affected by this disaster.  May we not sin by “ceasing to pray” for our troubled old world.


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11 responses to “China Earthquake

  1. yes Praying always.

  2. Yes,what a concern!  It sounds like it is very bad there right now.

  3. We are praying too. Chad and Jenny are friends of our children through SMBI. Albert

  4. We will pray I am glad you reminded me that Jenny & Chad are in  that area. I knew they were in China but was not sure of the area.

  5. What a worry!  It is such a small world afterall, isn’t it.  Prayers are being lifted up for all those affected including you and their families.

  6. saying a prayer~  I had just read on fox news about this, and then read your post~

  7. Our church had a special prayer for this family last night after our revival services.  God is faithful…

  8. Praying, too.  Keep us posted!

  9. We have to pray for all those families over there and all over the world that was affected.  I feel so sorry for that lady being pregnant and all.  I pray everything turns out alright.

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