My Dear Xanga Friends–
    Please don’t give up on me. 
We are 17 days away from a wedding — and my computer is acting up. 
Not a good thing, but hopefully life will settle down.

    ♫ When you pray, will you pray for me?
For I need His love and His care.
When you pray, will you pray for me?
Will you mention my name in your prayer? ♫


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  1. Hang in there…one day at a time.  luvanprayers

  2. My oh my the time sure flew by and now the wedding looms near! It was nearly a year ago exactly that Dominie and I met your Lem and gave him a hug. Such a gracious young man. I am not sure but was his intended traveling with the group and we met her also maybe?
    Yes you and your family will remain in my thoughts and prayers. A wonderful, sweet exciting time for you folks. I do hope you are able to get pictures and have the time to post them to share with your Xanga family.
    I hold you dear to me.My thoughts will be with you and  I shall mention your name in  my prayer(and your entire growing family.
    {consider yourself hugged}

    9Consider yourself hugged}

  3. I certainly will, BEG.  It must be a very busy time.  Congrats on your weight loss!!!
    Thanks for your kind words on my site.  I appreciate your encouragement.  I have had many moments when I have hoped that I am doing what Don would want me to do.  I have wanted so much to talk with him.  Sometimes I forget that he is gone and say, ” I must tell Don……”.It was two months ago today that he left us.

  4. Congrats also on the 35#!  Good for you!

  5. Oh your life will settle down in 18 days.  Don’t worry we’ll be here and be praying for you! 

  6. I will be praying for you !!!!

  7. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

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