It has been a hot Sunday in Delaware.  This afternoon, the thermometer on our deck registered 101 in the shade.  It was a great day, though.  Our Small Group was here for lunch.  Certain Man grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, and the rest of the families filled in the gaps.  We had seven layer salad, potato chips, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole, cottage cheese salad, homemade ice cream and fresh strawberries and cookies.  No one went home hungry.  It was good, good company.  22 in addition to our family, if my counting is correct.  I didn’t take pictures.  It seems like the more fun I am having, the less I think of my camera.  I must get into a different mindset.  Of course, my camera is missing right now, so I need to use one of the kids.  They aren’t so anxious for me to clutter up their cards, so I went a got one just for me for little things.

Like flowers.  I am having quite a good time with my flowers.  I took a few shots tonight, but the lighting wasn’t good, and the camera wasn’t behaving, but here are a few for you to look at.

WEB Summer Flowers 6
One of my favorite little containers.

WEB Summer Flowers 5
This is a half barrel that is in front of the garage.
My Sweet Sister gave me the little bird statue.
It says, “Friends Gather Here!”

WEB Summer Flowers 4
There are sixteen of these hanging baskets around our pavilion.
This picture does not do them justice.
When I get the pavilion set up for the upcoming pie event, I want to get a clearer picture.

WEB Summer Flowers 3
This little oval planter has white verbena and a scarlet geranium in it.
The geranium was bought by mistake, thinking it was Coral.
But it was so pretty and so plucky, that I decided to put it on the deck on the table, and tucked the white vebena in beside it.  The geranium looks pink here, but it really is scarlet.

WEB Summer Flowers 2
This is our fence row with the hedge roses going wild.along it.
Certain Man put the smaller “half-fence” in this year to keep his peonies and these roses coralled a bit.
They so often fall over into the lane and the buses that come in and out each day would run over them.
I am quite pleased with the effect.

WEB Summer Flowers 1
This is the corner of our little patio.  There are begonias in the small ground bed, with the white barrel holding various annuals.  The half moon flower holder is planted with coral and white geraniums.
I usually try to have a color theme for my window boxes and containers and flower beds — This year, the colors are coral and white out of deference to an upcoming wedding, but there are a few variations.

And once again, I thank God for Our Girl Nettie.  She has been faithfully watering, keeping up with things, and reporting to me whenever she thinks something isn’t quite right.  I want to get a picture of her and her water hose.  Certain Man has fixed things so that it is easy for her, and she is really taking the responsibility seriously.

And so, life is moving right along — and, incidently, quite a bit faster than even my good friend Lucy_Ethel knows. (See Comment on the last posting)   Actually, it was TWO years ago, Dear Friend, when you met Youngest Son and gave him a hug for me.  It doesn’t seem possible that he has been out of REACH almost two years, and that he and The Girl With The Beautiful Heart have less than two weeks until they will be husband and wife.  These are such exciting days, inspite of the busy-ness, and I don’t want to miss anything by lamenting over the energy and time needed by these days.

Thank you, so much, those of you who have prayed for me.
It is an unmitigated joy to have such treasured friends.


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  1. Mary I was so excited when I saw that you were adding pictures because I just knew a weblog was coming soon. The red roses with the white fence is beautiful! I had to scroll back a couple times to take in the beauty of it. You simply amaze me with all the going ons there at Shady Acres. You are always such a gracious hostess with a beautiful heart. I’m so glad you are family. Love you girl and I’ll be especially praying for you these last two weeks before the wedding.

  2. Some how some way I did something that made my rather lengthy comment disappear!!!!
    I will condense this comment: Great pictures and nice entry. It is re-assuring to see that you are doing well and that progress is flowing right along.
    The blue and white planter is so pretty. The white fence with those red blooms is very striking!
    2 years! Yikes you are right and it seems like yesterday when we met Lem and gave your hug to him.
    Take care Friend!

  3. Beautiful flowers!  You’re blessed with such a diligent gardener as Miss Audrey.  I adore the rose fence.
    What’s in cottage cheese salad?  Cottage Cheese is a “free” food for my GD and anyway I could have more variety in this diet would be a blessing.

  4. I think the beauty of the flowers is a picture of your own life…beautiful and flourishing.

  5. lovely !!  And I think that CM  made a wise creative decision when he put up that half fence it lookss great and looks like it is doing the job perfectly!

  6. You have been in my thoughts quite a bit lately, thinking about you getting ready for a wedding. I’m praying for you too.

  7. Such beautiful pictures ! Thanks ! I hope you have time to enjoy them these next two weeks before the wedding ! I enjoyed your update so much !Miriam

  8. that fence line is gorgeous! I am still waiting for my Roses to bloom.

  9. I got to give him a hug, too, BEG, just before he was to perform at the church.  He was a sweetie to take time for me to quickly call him from the church and meet me a total stranger!  Your flowers are something to behold!  How lovely for your celebrations coming up so soon.  Tell Audrey Girl I think of her often.

  10. oh how I love roses, and I luv seening roses by the fence each yr by your place, it just brighten things up..
    I will be praying for you as well, and wow 2 weeks left, time does fly by lol

  11. Of course I love your many pictures of your flowers! You do a great job helping God make them beautiful.”) Maybe even more than the flowers, I enjoyed reading your pot-luck menu and imagining the tastes. It’s just WAY WAY different than a pot luck menu would be here! Thanks for taking time to post even with your busy days, evenings, and nights.

  12. congratulations grandma-to-be!! so very happy for you and chris and jesse!

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