Summer Evening

It has been a gorgeous evening.  Late this afternoon, a thunderstorm came through.  Everything was cooler, washed off and beautiful.  Suddenly, everything was aglow with the evening sun outside my kitchen window.   I called to Middle Daughter to “come and see” and she flew out into the golden evening and came breathlessly back for her camera.
    “Oh, Mom, come outside and look!  There’s a perfect rainbow!”

And there was!!!

WEB Rainbow 1

WEB Rainbow

You can’t see the complete arch because it was one of the highest rainbows I have ever seen.  Certain Man came across the yard to look and exclaim, and then Middle Daughter turned the camera on us.

We Two
For Pity Sakes!!!  When did we get so old???

Well, we ARE old enough to be grandparents!

For some wonderful family news, trot over to

and read a much abbreviated account of a long, long journey.

Rejoice with Eldest Daughter and Beloved Son in Law in their wondrous news.

We certainly are!


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14 responses to “Summer Evening

  1. OK DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. that is exciting news for you all, I’m sure!  Praying that things go smooth in the adoption~

  3. Congratulations!!!  Beautiful pic of the rainbow…beautiful promise!
    Oldies.  Of course not.

  4. I too noticed the bright setting sun with the dark clouds in the East. I too grabbed my camera and ran outside. I could only see a tiny bit of the rainbow and my subject matter was only a tree in the foreground. I love the picture of you and Daniel…..and NO you do NOT look that old.Praying for you this last week before the big day. Love You

  5. you are not that old!!!  nice pictures

  6. Somehow you don’t look old to me, either…..just pretty happy and contented. Praying for you all! L.

  7. I love the pictures of the rainbow, but I really love the picture of you and Daniel. You’re both so CUTE!!! And how exciting for your daughter and her husband! I do hope it won’t be too long till they have a little on to call their own.

  8. Lovely pictures!  Your picture with  CM  is very very nice. This growing old together is also beautiful. I recall a pastor saying at a wedding, “it is a beautiful thing seeing this young couple before us beginning their life together, but even more beautiful is when the hair is gray and time has passed  and they still stand together. It is not how you begin but how you end that is important”.  Great picture you should frame it!
    Now I shall go to that link but will leave my warm “congratulations” to you both!

  9. This excites me because we saw that same rainbow up here. I am sure it was different but at the same time of evening! Yesterday we were coming home from picking Erik up and there it was over our house. I thought it was for me. 🙂 Thank You GOD!

  10. Yeah, you’re not that old!    You look wonderously happy and in love.    I”m praying for you this week!

  11. that picture of you two is adorable. i’m looking forward to seeing you this weekend 🙂

  12. Thank you for your best wishes and encouragement!

  13. How wonderful to see you and D. looking so happy and content.  Great news in your expanding family!  Old?  Never say “old”.  Don’t you still feel like the young couple that married so many years ago?  Life can’t be counted in years.

  14. You do not look so old!Congratulations on the adoption phase, and hopefully it will be “soon” and not “long” until they have one to call their own!Miriam

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