Our Bible School is over, and we are going home!

AA Bible School

The boxes are back into their places, the floors have been swept, the kids are gone.
The five nights of Bible School are over, and there are some very tired people.
The words of the theme song keep ringing in my head,
“Read to go where you may lead,
I’m ready, ready to serve . . .”

I look at the faces of the children, and there are so many different emotions and life experiences played out there.
My heart aches for so many of them.
I wonder how I can best serve them and their broken families.

But then there is incredible joy in my heart, too.
I look forward to time spent with my extended family.

We are getting ready to start a big Yoder Family Reunion tonight. 
And this is where I am called to serve for the next several days.
It feels like these sweet July days are filled to the brim with
Precious Times

My anticipation is tempered by the losses.
I feel keenly the faces that won’t be there —
Aunt Mary Lois, Aunt Clara, Aunt Gertrude, My Daddy, Uncle Monroe, Uncle John
(These are the ones in Heaven)

And there are those, who won’t be there, by reason of health:
Uncle Amos, Aunt Daisy, Uncle Luke, Aunt Cora, Uncle Eli, Aunt Ruth.

And there are those who won’t be there because they can’t.
(This makes me sorry)

And there are those who won’t be there because they won’t.
(This makes me sad)

But there will be many, many who will come gladly.
Because they can.
Because they want to.
Because when all is said and done,
 warts and all,

Welcome, dear family.


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  1. Mary my head swims when I think of your ~more then busy life~. I’m looking forward to the reunion of this wonderful Yoder family I married in to, and now am a part of! I love being a Yoder!

  2. I always look forward to our extended family reunions too!  Have a wonderful time!

  3. Families are the best!  Enjoy.  I look forward to pictures and stories.

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