It started in the early morning light with a crabbing trip.  Here, Joan and Johnny man the crab lines.

F REUNION 2008 000

I neglected to take any pictures of the potato salad affair.  Donna and her two girlies, Laura and Amy, joined me and my Sweet Mama, my two beloved sisters, and my Oldest and Middle Daughter and we made five gallons of potato salad in about an hour and a half.

A little before five, they started to gather in.
F REUNION 2008 002
Uncle David, Becky and Uncle Daniel

F REUNION 2008 003
Lucy and Mama

F REUNION 2008 001
Aunt Dottie and Aunt Gladys

F REUNION 2008 014
Ralph, Karen and Steve

F REUNION 2008 013
Melanie, Aunt Naomi and Judith

F REUNION 2008 012
Becky, Uncle Jesse and Clint

F REUNION 2008 025
Aunt Mimmie, Naomi and Rhoda

F REUNION 2008 021
Laura, Donna, Jonathan, Annika and Danielle

Jonathan and Danielle have the newest Yoder of all:
(Though very temporarily — there are at least three babies due almost any time).

Meet Liv Joannamae Hoffstetter
F REUNION 2008 020
Two weeks old

F REUNION 2008 027
Linford and Liv

F REUNION 2008 010
That Crabbing Picture was not just for fun.  The crew got three bushel.
Rob steamed them for us and they got to the school around seven — after most of us had supper!
These things were very popular, as the following pictures will bear out.

F REUNION 2008 008
The table full.

F REUNION 2008 028
Another shot of the table

F REUNION 2008 030
Dee and Katrina

F REUNION 2008 026
Carmen and Holly

F REUNION 2008 019
Sarah and Mama

F REUNION 2008 016
Jared and Amy
F REUNION 2008 015
Paul, Ronda and Aunt Dottie

F REUNION 2008 017     F REUNION 2008 011
Polly                                         Judith

F REUNION 2008 005      F REUNION 2008 004  
Johnny                                           Clint

And then there was some time for visiting and seeing the familiar faces.

F REUNION 2008 023
My Certain Man and Aunt Naomi

F REUNION 2008 031
Eldest Daughter caught me halfway throught the evening.

F REUNION 2008 032
Judith (Uncle Paul’s youngest)

Uncle John’s Judi and Victoria

F REUNION 2008 033
Here, two David Yoders have serious conversation.

What I wouldn’t give tonight to see my Daddy’s smile.

Where ever you are tonight, Daddy dear, I love you.  And though it probably doesn’t make a hill of Delaware Lima Beans bit of difference to you, the planning, the work and the joy I feel at being able to be a part of this happy time has its impetus in that love that will not let me go — that shines ahead and behind me and makes me want to be strong.  I know you would love these days, and I see your face in the lined faces and smiley eyes of your brothers and sisters.  But even with all this closeness, you seem very far away . . .

Can you know that in a very real way, this weekend is for you . . . from me?


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11 responses to “YODER REUNION, 2008 FRIDAY

  1. I was surprised to see Dee Yoder at your reunion.  Apparently he married one of your relatives.  We learned to know his family when visting Cerwin’s sister, Doris, in Minnesota.  Our brother-in-law is pastor at the church where Val Yoder attends when in Minnesota.

  2. Enjoyed your pictures. I’m glad you posted them.

  3. What a great family affair!!!  It was great to have everyone identified so when you speak of them there will be faces to put with names.  Crabbing must be quite an adventure.  I didn’t know it could be done by those other than commercial fisherman.

  4. It’s hard to believe that babies are so tiny!  What a sweet little name of Liv for that baby girl!  How precious!

  5. that was neat to see some familiar faces.

  6. What a fun time, and fun for me to try to put names and faces together.

  7. thanks for your kind thoughts mary ann you don’t know how they buoyed my spirits. my heart does long to live in a more country setting and i’m quite bonded to that place. enjoy the reunion. i think it is a wonderful thing!

  8. Hope you continue to have a great time. Reunions are so much work, but also worth the effort!

  9. Enjoyed the pictures especially seeing naomi

  10. There are more than just a few people in the Yoder clan that are really special to me and that I haven’t seen in too many years! THANKS for all the pix!!

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